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AcaCondos is operated by Jeff Berwick, an established Canadian born businessman and entrepreneur.  From 2002 to 2007 Jeff traveled the entire world, partly with the intention of finding one or two places which he enjoyed the most and to eventually purchase a small condo once he felt like settling down somewhat.  Jeff arrived in Acapulco after sailing down the entire Pacific Coast from Vancouver, Canada on his sailboat in 2004 and immediately fell in love.

Jeff BerwickHaving been to over 80 countries in the course of his travels and witnessing numerous beautiful locales, Jeff believes that Acapulco Bay is the most beautiful Bay in the world, closely followed by Rio de Janiero.  When approached at night, Acapulco looks like the world’s largest bowl of diamonds.

What was supposed to be a two or three night stopover turned into 3 months and although Jeff continued on he never forgot Acapulco and a few years later upon completion of his world tour he returned to buy a condo in the resort complex which is now the home of AcaCondos and hasn't regretted it for a moment.

But after searching in Acapulco for a lengthy period of time and not finding a condo that met his needs, both for price and location he stumbled upon a jewel not well advertised or marketed to foreigners seeking a home away from home.

After a lot of trial and error and spending a lot of time figuring out the local legal and real estate system and seeking out the local craftsmen and vendors to refurbish and furnish the condo to the best in modern standards for the best price it dawned upon him.  Most people, he thought, are not interested in coming to a foreign country where they may not speak the language and try to negotiate their way through all the hurdles on their own.

That's when AcaCondos was born.  Jeff now buys, refurbishes and furnishes condos in the resort as they come available and offers them up to foreigners in an easy, hassle-free process whereby you can own a beachfront, fully furnished, fully serviced custom condo in the dazzling city of Acapulco as a vacation or investment property for unheard of prices without having to do a thing but just show up when you are ready.

As well, Jeff owns and operates Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites (LTGPS) the boutique hotel through which AcaCondos can be rented out through to provide income when the suites are not in use.

Jeff now resides most of the year in Acapulco in the AcaCondos resort where he is regularly found around the pool on his laptop, writing his forthcoming fiction novel in addition to his work with AcaCondos.