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The Acapulco Experience

Acapulco is one of the best kept secrets in North America and unlike many newer, man-made Mexican resorts, Acapulco is a very old, cultured city. Archeological evidence shows that Acapulco has been inhabited since before 3000 BC and was an important Spanish port since it´s founding in 1519.

From the 1930s through to the 1970s Acapulco was a global hotspot for celebrities and globetrotters. But new resorts in locales such as Cancun and Cabo San Lucas left Acapulco largely forgotten to foreign travelers for the next 30 years.

But now, still unbeknownst to many, Acapulco is having a spectacular rebirth. In a recent New York Times article entitled, "In Acapulco - A Return to Glamour", the writer details that Acapulco is having a second act.

Within literally meters of the AcaCondos building lie countless restaurants, bars, pubs, grocery stores, pharmacies and other assorted businesses. You'll never need a vehicle, unless you want one as the city is eminently walkable and has numerous public transportation options including taxis and buses. Parking and valet parking is available should you have a vehicle. The View of Acapulco Bay from Becco al Mar

The city, with nearly 1 million residents, is a large, old, real city that has all the amenities anyone could desire from the very cheap to the chic upmarket restaurants and resort hotels. And it has all the amenities you are used to in your home country including numerous WalMart's, Sam's Club, Costco and McDonalds. As well, there are numerous modern shopping malls such as La Galerias Diana, La Gran Plaza and the new and ultra modern La Isla in the Diamante Zone (Diamond Zone) of Acapulco.

For retirees or those worried about health issues Acapulco has numerous hospitals catering to every budget and service desired. AcaCondos even has a doctor located on site 24 hours per day who is available to come to your suite should you require any attention.


Acapulco has direct flights daily from Houston (Continental Airlines) and Phoenix (US Airways) as well as seasonal flights (generally November to April) from Chicago (American Airlines), Dallas (American Airlines), Montreal (Air Transat and Sunwing), Atlanta (Delta), Los Angeles (Delta), Minneapolis (Northwest Airlines), Toronto (Sunwing and Skyservice), Calgary (Skyservice), Edmonton (Skyservice) and Bournemouth, UK (Thomson Airways).

Additionally, there is numerous daily flights to all points in Mexico, including Mexico City which is only a short 30 minute flight, or 4 hour drive from Acapulco.


It is always warm in Acapulco and never, ever cold. There are two seasons in Acapulco, although in reality, nearly every day of the year is basically the same: 30-33c (86-92F) and Sunny. The dry season is from November until April and is the most comfortable as it has lower humidity and literally never rains. The "rainy season" is a misnomer as it rarely rains. It runs from May until October and is generally more humid and slightly hotter. It does rain, but usually in the evenings, once or twice per week, and usually for only 30-60 minutes heavily, before returning to clear skies very quickly.