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November 2010 Newsletter

Hello from Sunny Acapulco,

I am especially happy to be here at the moment as I just returned from a short trip to San Francisco - and while there are plenty of great things to say about San Francisco I found myself having to take 5-10 hot showers a day as I just couldn't keep warm with near freezing temperatures and a bone-chilling wind.

But, as I write this I am stationed on my patio in Acapulco with nothing but the sound of waves lapping below, blue skies and the sun beating down and I am very happy to be back!

The Mexican Tourism Conundrum

I always love reading mass media - it's like pablum and propaganda mixed into a dangerous puree of spin and misinformation.  My favorite is whenever the media declares a "conundrum".  As example, I remember watching an American media program a few years ago and they brought up the "French Conundrum".  How could the french eat such fatty foods such as cheese and unlean meats and still stay thin, the news anchor asked, perplexed.  And, he added, they even drink wine with every meal!  The commercial then went to break and a succession of Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald's advertisements followed with happy families sitting down at a meal of fried chicken and fried potatoes and washed down with a half gallon of coca-cola - total calorie count likely somewhere close to 2,000 calories (an entire day's worth) - most from fried transfats, sugar and salt.  Yet, the "French conundrum" of a people who tend to eat a fairly small portioned meal of fresh meats, vegetables, some nice cheeses and a glass of white wine, usually at a leisurely pace, continues on!

And so, it was with the same general level of amusement and disdain that I recently heard a similar conundrum.  Given that Mexico is the most dangerous place on Earth, as reported by western media, a reporter recently stated how he couldn't believe that Mexican tourism numbers for 2010 were at record high levels.  Perplexed, he stated that, "the drug war fails to deter holiday makers".  But, just like the French conundrum the Mexican conundrum is also based on an incorrect premise - that premise being that Mexico is particularly dangerous - something which just isn't true.  In fact, only one city in Mexico would even rank in the top 20 against other American or Canadian cities in terms of homicides and certainly in terms of "crime" - that city being Juarez.

A Must-See Video on "Safety in Mexico"

The reason Mexican tourism is up, of course, is because anyone who has been to Mexico knows that, in general, it is paradise.  This video on YouTube best shows the silliness of some of the arguments people who have never been to Mexico have about Mexico.  It has some coarse language, so if you have sensitive ears you may wish to skip it.. but if you don't, it is excellent.  It's a perfect video to send your friends when they ask you if you are "f*#$king crazy" for going to Mexico! Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Pzb3dIazGc

New Units For Sale

We have a beautiful new unit for sale.  It is unit #2809S and it is available for $73,000 USD.  It is located on the 28th floor and it is all fully renovated and has been in our hotel pool for a few months now so it is an excellent property for someone who wants a vacation property for a few weeks per year and wants to rent it out the rest of the time - or as a 100% investment property.  We already have the unit rented almost solid for most of December and January so it is an excellent revenue generator.  As well, we are just putting in all new laminated flooring this week - so check back in a few days to see the pictures of the suite with the new flooring.

As well, we have unit #2907S available for $149,000 USD.  It is a double-sized unit that has now been fully renovated with the most luxurious of furniture and finishings including a 60" Sharp Quattron LED flat screen TV and 7.1 Onkyo Surround Sound system.  The unit has just finished being totally renovated and we are just putting in the last touches now so we will also be putting photos of this suite at www.acacondos.com in the next week as well.  It is located on the 29th floor and it is the 2 front-most facing suites combined together - it is, by far, the most beautiful and luxurious condo in the building.

Studio unit #2503S is also still available for $65,000 USD.  It won't be available for long - it has one of the best views in all of Acapulco.

And we still have available one two-bedroom penthouse unit, #3006 in the North Tower for $115,000 USD "as is" or for $149,000 USD with full renovation package which will make it eligible for rent in our boutique hotel, Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites (http://LTGPS.com).

Stay With Us to Try Before You Buy

As I always say when I sign off, if you are interested in buying any of our remaining suites let us know.  If you'd like to come down and try staying in our suites before you buy we offer discounts.  Just email us at sales@acacondos.com and we'll let you know what we can do.  Let me know soon, though, as we are getting almost completely booked from now until March - strange how people keep coming here despite the "drug war" - I guess it's just one of those strange conundrums that no one will ever figure out!

Until then, you can find me on the beach!

We'll look forward to seeing you down here!


Jeff Berwick