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December 2010 Newsletter

Hello from Warm & Breezy Acapulco,

We've had a massive influx of interest and signups to receive our monthly newsletter in the last month.  I presume it is because of the unbelievably brutal weather almost anywhere north of here!

I've watched some news reports showing almost unlivable cold and snowy conditions from all across Canada, the US and Europe.  Even in normally warm places like Miami people have been putting on sweaters and mittens and snuggling up to their hot chocolate.

The colder than normal temperatures have even affected Mexico.  Places like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta have been dipping into the low 50's F overnight.  While not cold, those temperatures do count as being "nippy".  Last year in January Cancun was regularly dipping into the 40's F... that is not what people expect when they go for a Mexican winter vacation!

Acapulco is also noticeably cooler this year but because it is much further south, "cooler" here just means less hot.  This is the forecast for this week in Acapulco.  It probably won't change my more than 2-3 degrees either way until April when it will start to get a little warmer.

That's highs around 31c and lows around 20c, in Centigrade.

As I am writing this I am sitting at my workstation with the patio windows open and a nice warm breeze flowing in.  In the background I have the TV on, tuned to the Monday Night Football game in Minnesota.  For those who didn't know, Minnesota's Metrodome stadium roof collapsed last week from the weight of the snow and they are forced to play this game outdoors tonight in 9F (-13C) snowy conditions!  I always enjoy watching games like that from the beach in Acapulco.


I hate to have to bring it up again but it is quite obvious that the American/Canadian media have people questioning the safety of Mexico.  

We recently had guests stay in one of our suites at the hotel (http://LTGPS.com) from Chicago and the first thing they asked me when they arrived was, "Is it safe?"

I responded to them, "It's safer here than Chicago."

They were so shocked by that statement that they couldn't even respond.  I decided to break the awkward silence afterwards by stating, "Did you know, the average amount of people shot in Chicago every weekend is over 30?"

They both then, laughed, and said, "Oh, well, we don't live in that part of town."

I responded, "Neither do I, here."

Another person forwarded me a "news" story titled, "Mexico's Drug War Leaves 30,196 Dead in Four Years".

But if you run the numbers, that is 7,549 per year in a population of over 100 million.  That works out to a murder rate of 7.5 per 100,000.  How does that compare to US major cities?   Washington DC has a murder rate of 31.4 per 100,000.  Philadelphia is 23.0 and Chicago 18.0. Mexico City, by the way, has a murder rate of 8.1 per 100,000.

Another headline I saw recently stated "45 Murdered in Mexico Today".  Well, the amount of people murdered in the US in 2009 was 15,241.  That works out to 41.7 per day.  Where is the headline stating, "42 Murdered in the US Today".

I don't want to belabor the point but I did want to point out that in almost any statistical category the amount of crime and violence is higher in the US than in Mexico.


There is a really nice beach restaurant/bar/lounge about a 5 minute walk from AcaCondos called Santa Lucia Playita.

I was there, yesterday, spending another beautiful day on the beach and I took a bit of video to give you an idea of what kind of vibe is here.  It's a great vibe... lot's of people go with their families.  I went with my girlfriend and my little girl.  We spent about 3 hours on one of their beds they have on the beach.  My girlfriend had 2 vodka/tonics and I just had a large Coconut and a bottle of water.  Total cost: $12.

Here is the video:

If you ever visit us and stay in the hotel or buy a condo and are living here I highly recommend regular visits to Playita!  You'll see me there at least a few times per week!


The double-sized Suite # 2906S sold this month and so we currently only have 2 studio suites at 2503S and 2809S and Penthouse #3006N.

We mentioned last month that there were new laminated floors going into 2809S and that we would soon have pictures.  Well, the flooring went in as planned but the suite has been booked solid ever since so we have not had any opportunity to get in and take pictures.  The suite is quite solidly booked until March but we are hoping to sneak in and take photos in between guests.

All of our suites which owners have placed with us to rent are almost completely booked from now until March, which is excellent news for anyone considering buying a suite and wanting to get some rental income because we really need to get more suites into our inventory as we've turned away many more hotel guests than we would like!

If you are looking for a vacation/investment property, now is a great time to buy as we can have a suite like 2503S renovated and rented out for good income usually within a month of purchase.  Or, even better, you can purchase 2809S which is already in the rental pool and getting excellent Return On Investment as it is already booked fairly solidly right through until Spring.


This is the space where I normally say, if you are interested in buying a suite but want to come down and stay in one first to try before you buy, we offer discounts to prospective buyers.  The only problem is, all of our rooms are nearly booked solid until March.

We still have the following dates available:

Penthouse Unit #3009N - January 2-13 is still available - and then it is completely full until March 15

Studio Suite #2809S - February 1-19 is still available

Studio Suite #1510N - January 5-15 is still available

Everything else is completely booked until March. So if you see any dates above that you are interested in let me know as soon as possible as they are booking up very fast.

And so, with that, I will bid you adios until next month!  Have a great holiday season, new year and keep warm!


Jeff Berwick