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May 2010 Newsletter


Hello from beautiful Acapulco!

As I sat today on the balcony of my suite in the AcaCondos resort towers overlooking Acapulco Bay, the sound of the surf lapping gently below, I cracked open an ice-cold Corona beer and leant back in my patio sofa. I had just returned from the pool and private beach below to my condo to watch the latest in the NHL and NBA playoffs on my 42” flat screen LCD in High Definition (HDTV) from the Canadian and US satellite channels that all come standard in all our suites (HDTV and all).  My maid had just finished cleaning my entire apartment, something she does for about an hour every day of the week (something that comes standard with all suites in the building) and I let out a very satisfied sigh. 

At that moment a friend who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, rang my Skype phone and I popped my headset on to hear, “Can you believe it is snowing here right now??” 

It is apparently the latest it has ever snowed in Utah in recorded history.  “Really?” I replied, “You don’t want to know what I am doing right now then.”

He laughed, “No, no I don’t!” 

I couldn’t help but dig at him a little bit, though, “You know here in Mexico we get daily maid service for pretty much nothing?  I mean, I haven’t washed a dish or made my bed in years.  And today my maid brought me some mangoes from the tree at her house!”

“Ok, ok,” he said.  I knew not to push it too much, most people can’ t handle to hear how we live down here.

And so went another day in Acapulco.

In fact, there is always something interesting going on down here if hanging out at the beach, or the pool or at a seaside seafood restaurant serving up fresh the catch of the day isn’t enough for you.

In February the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Worldwide tour was held in Acapulco, as it is every year.  Venus Williams won this year’s women’s title.

Later this year the LPGA tour arrives from Sept 30-Oct 3 playing just to the South of AcaCondos at Tres Vidas golf club.  “I'm thrilled that our great country will host an LPGA Tour event in Acapulco, an absolutely beautiful city with a great reputation for hosting top sporting events,” said Lorena Ochoa, the LPGA Tour's No. 1 player and resident of Mexico.

For music lovers, Yanni was recently in Acapulco and taped a special concert from the beautiful Mundo Imperial forum.  You can see a commercial trailer for this concert at Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvAaf4Gtabc .  Coming in July is latin pop star Pitbull and in October The Cranberries bring their world tour (http://www.cranberries.com/tour.asp) to Acapulco.

As well, the Copa Las Americas world surfing competition was held right here in Acapulco at Bonfil Beach last month.

I could go on and on but let’s just say that besides all the great swimming, scuba-diving, fishing, jet-skiing, surfing, bungee-jumping and parasailing there are lots more things to do.  That is, if eating at some of the world’s most beautiful restaurants, such as Becco al Mar (http://www.beccoalmare.com/) and spending time at the beach and pool isn’t enough for you!

We have one update to report this month.  The beautiful double-unit #2907S on the 29th floor of the South Tower which was previously for sale for $115,000 USD (unrenovated) or $138,000 USD with our full renovation and rentability (you can rent it in our hotel if it is upgraded) package has been reduced.  The owner of that suite just let us know that he wants to reduce the price as he has some family issues and wants to get the unit sold as soon as possible.  We haven’t even had time to update our website yet but the new price is $107,000 USD for unrenovated or $130,000 USD fully renovated.

It was already an amazing deal to begin with but now we think it will sell very quickly.  So if you have any interest in this double-sized, front facing unit one floor below the Penthouse level please contact us soon. 

That is all for now.  But, as I told my friend from Utah, you really are crazy if you don’t seriously consider getting a place down here!

As always, we offer discounts for rentals of our suites for interested buyers.  So if you’d like to come down and check out the city and our units, email us directly and we will try to get you into one of our suites at the hotel, Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites (http://LTGPS.com), so you can try living in one of our remodeled suites and living in the resort to see how you like it before you buy.  From now until the end of June is an excellent time to come as our units are available much more during this period than during the peak periods and at even better prices.

Until then,

Jeff Berwick


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