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July 2010 Newsletter

Hello from beautiful Acapulco!  Things are going swimmingly down here as always.

I had actually ventured North to my hometown of Vancouver in early July with the intention to try to stay in Canada for a month or so and visit all my friends and family.  But it is really very hard to get used to the Canadian or American lifestyle when you are used to living in Acapulco.  I returned after 8 days and am not sure how I managed to stay that long.

My arrival in Canada was, as is always the case, met by the Canadian border people who took me aside just to make sure I didn’t have any of the thousands of items that are deemed illegal there.  They prodded through my baggage and came upon a medication.  “Do you have a subscription for this?”

I responded, “Where I live, you don’t need permission from the government to buy medications.”

Perplexed she kept digging.  “So, what do you down there in Mexico?”

“Not too much to tell you the truth.  I’ve got a few business ventures but they don’t take up a lot of my time.”

“How do you survive there then?” she continued.

“Well, you don’t really need to have much money to live very well there.  They don’t take 50% of your income in taxes and there is no national sales tax (5% GST in Canada), provincial sales tax (7% in British Columbia), alcohol tax, cigarette tax, restaurant tax and the hundreds of other taxes you have here.  When you add it all up, it probably takes about 70%+ of everyone’s income here in taxes.  And, even when they have a tax in Mexico, like property tax, my property tax for my condo at AcaCondos this year was $150.  My mom’s property tax for her condo in Canada was $2,500.  So, really Miss, I should be asking you how YOU survive HERE.”

She finally realized she was getting nowhere with me and let me through.  I walked outside into a windy, frigid 44F/7C July evening!  I don’t even own a sweater or a jacket anymore so I huddled up and tried to keep warm as best I could.

I ended up staying in a hotel in downtown Vancouver where I was constantly being accosted by homeless street people begging for money, some of whom were doing so in a very aggressive manner.

Needless to say, I missed Acapulco.

Here is how I spend most of my days in Acapulco:  I am a late riser, so I usually arise around noon and open the blinds to an always spectacular and beautiful view of Acapulco Bay.  I make a protein shake and scan my emails and get caught up on the news on the internet.  I then have breakfast before I head down to the pool and the beach.  There is a man who sells fresh coconuts, mangos and other fresh fruits and seafood right beside the pool area here and I almost always buy a fresh coco (coco juice is one of the healthiest juices in the world) and some sliced fresh mango from him for about $2.

I then take some sun for 30 or 40 minutes, getting a full dose of Vitamin D… something that many people are just realizing is possibly the most important vitamin you can get.  A daily dose of sun will keep your immune system brimming near 100%.  I can’t remember the last time I even heard someone cough or say they had a cold in Acapulco.  And it is actually impossible to catch the flu in the tropics as  the high humidity makes it non-transmissible (a fact that not many people gave much thought to during the Swine flu scam/panic).

Normally I’ll take a dip in the ocean – the salt water is amazing for your skin - and then I do a few light exercises in the gym here at AcaCondos before heading back up to my condo.  By the time I get back my maid, Eustoria, who comes every day and knows that I am always down at the pool and gym between 2-4pm is usually just finishing up cleaning my entire condo, folding my laundry from my washer/dryer unit, making my bed and washing my dishes.

I then take a shower, have some lunch and then I either walk or take my car (or sometimes the bus) to a very high-end professional gym called Nautilus (http://www.torrecoral.org/unlimitpages.asp?id=73) which has all the best and latest in fitness equipment where I do a rigorous workout, sometimes utilizing their personal trainers on staff.  The amount of eye-candy, both for women and men, is enough to keep me there a good 1.5 to 2 hours, even if I am feeling lazy that day.

By then it is usually around 8pm and I stop home from the gym at any one of dozens of fantastic restaurants including the Sushi Factory, Forza Italian, Napoli Italian, Delicias Tacos and many more.

The evenings are then spent out and about with friends (Palladium nightclub here in Acapulco just got rated as the best nightclub in the world: http://techno-trance-music.suite101.com/article.cfm/palladium-acapulco-arguably-the-best-nightclub-in-the-world) or often I will stay in to catch up on some work (I do actually do some work here!).

And so, as you may be able to tell from that, I love it here.

As far as updates, unit 1104S sold this month.  It actually sold for more than they were asking as a bidding war between two parties had erupted.

But another unit, #1510N has come up for sale just in the last few days, so we still have four units currently available:


1510N - $59,000 USD **NEW!**

2503S - $62,000 USD **NEW!**

2907S - Double Size Large Studio (or easily converted to 1 Bedroom) - $105,000 USD as is or $128,000 with full Upgrade Package **REDUCED**

3006N - 2 Bedroom Penthouse Unit- $115,000 USD as is or 140,000 USD with full upgrade package

And if you are looking to buy a unit as an investment property the timing couldn’t be better.  Our boutique hotel, LTGPS.com, is nearly sold out for the upcoming peak season so we desperately need more units in our inventory to rent.  Return on Investment on a studio suite should be excellent in the coming year, possibly as high as 20% (income of $12,000 based on a purchase price of $60,000).

And, as always, we offer discounts for rentals of our suites in our hotel for interested buyers.  So if you’d like to come down and check out the city and our units, email us directly and we will try to get you into one of our suites at the hotel, Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites (http://LTGPS.com), so you can try living in one of our remodeled suites and living in the resort to see how you like it before you buy. 

Until then, you know where to find me!

Jeff Berwick


AcaCondos & Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites hotel