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August 2010 Newsletter

Hello from beautiful Acapulco!

Things, as always here, are excellent!

However, for a change of pace this month I’d like to talk about Crime and Safety.


I hear quite often from Americans asking about the safety of Mexico.  My reply to them is always the same: I should be asking you about the safety in the US!

The headline, above, is from an article in June from CHICAGO (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/21/chicago-violence-at-least_n_619259.html).  In fact, nearly every weekend, 40 people are shot in Chicago.

Other major US cities aren’t too far behind, either.  Here is a listing in descending order of murder rates for major cities in 2008:

Detroit                         37.4

Baltimore                    36.9

Washington DC           31.4

Philadelphia                23.0

Chicago                       18.0

Mexico City                8.1


I couldn’t find a reputable source for a murder rate for Acapulco but I can confidently state this: Inside of Acapulco (not including surrounding areas where there are some problems from time to time – anything within 200 miles of Acapulco is always reported in foreign news as occurring IN Acapulco) the rate would likely be very low.  And inside the tourist areas of Acapulco that rate would be even lower.  It is a rarity when even so much as a fight happens in the tourist zone.  The people of Acapulco realize the importance of tourism to the economy here and it is just simply not allowed in this area.

Put simply, if safety is a concern, and you live in the US, you should move to Acapulco!

However, as an adjunct, I will point out that it is very, very rare for any INNOCENT bystander to be attacked or killed ANYWHERE in the world.  Most murders come as the result of a dispute.  Most often surrounding the drug trade which has been pushed underground because it is illegal.  If drugs were legalized all of these problems would go away.  But that’s a topic for another day!

As far as petty crime, such as theft, the crime rate in the tourist area of Acapulco is significantly lower than any city in the US or Canada I can think of.  This was really highlighted to me when I first moved here.  My Acapulco-born  girlfriend left her sunglasses sitting on the dash of my car as we got out to eat at a restaurant.  Being from petty-crime ridden Vancouver, Canada I was stunned.  I said to her, “What are you crazy?  Put them in the glove compartment or take them with you or they’ll get stolen.”  She looked at me, bewildered.  “This is Acapulco! That would never happen!”.  And she is right.  As my friends from Canada write to me every few months about how someone broke into their car or into their home I have yet to even hear or see one example of this type of petty theft in Acapulco.

To summarize, the world isn’t a very dangerous place.  At all.  Your nightly news and your government have an interest in making it appear so, however.


Enough talk about that.  Let’s get back to what Acapulco is all about: beach, fun and sun.

Every day down here is idyllic.  And today is no exception.  I am about to head down to the pool and get my daily dose of free vitamin D.

In the meantime, August was a very quiet month at AcaCondos, as expected.  The summer months are much quieter here than the hectic peak season which generally runs from November to May.  But I don’t know how many emails I have received stating, “We are coming down this fall/winter and are definitely going to buy a unit”… so, if you want to beat the rush and get first pick on what’s available, the time is now.

We still have four units currently available:

1510N - $59,000 USD

2503S - $62,000 USD 

2907S - Double Size Large Studio (or easily converted to 1 Bedroom) - $105,000 USD as is or $128,000 with full Upgrade Package

3006N - 2 Bedroom Penthouse Unit- $115,000 USD as is or 140,000 USD with full upgrade package

And, as always, we offer discounts for rentals of our suites in our hotel for interested buyers.  So if you’d like to come down and check out the city and our units, email us directly and we will try to get you into one of our suites at the hotel, Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites (http://LTGPS.com), so you can try living in one of our remodeled suites and living in the resort to see how you like it before you buy. 

Until then, keep safe up there!

Jeff Berwick


AcaCondos & Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites hotel