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January 2011 Newsletter

Happy New Year from Acapulco!

Welcome to a photo-filled edition of our monthly newsletter!

We spent new year's eve here in the building.  We invited over a number of friends  including other condo owners and even some of the guests staying in our hotel suites and had a fun night on our patio in our new apartment (more on that below) overlooking all of Acapulco Bay.

I've been here for 3 years but last year I spent New Year's Eve in Puerto Escondido and the year before that I don't remember where I was, but I wasn't here.  So, this was my first Acapulco new year's and I have to say, the fireworks were very impressive.

The reason it was so impressive is because everyone around the entire Bay all set off their own private fireworks in a big, chaotic showdown that went on for nearly 15 minutes!  There must've been hundreds and hundreds of fireworks set off in all and it was quite a beautiful sight.

I didn't take any pictures of the fireworks but I took a few sunset photos from my apartment here.  Here is a selection:

Then, a few minutes later, I snapped this photo:

And then a few minutes after that, the encore:


We finally got around to putting up some before, during and after photos of some of our renovations.  You can see a full page with all the photos here: http://acacondos.com/renovations

If you remember, we sold 1510N to an American lady in November.  Inside of 6 weeks we turned her apartment from this:

 to this:

to this:

We had it completely renovated and rented out, gaining income for her, literally one day after we finished renovations.

We just received a really nice note from the woman who owns that apartment, here is what she said upon seeing all the photos and video of the upgrade (which you can see here):

Dear Jeff:  Thank you so much for taking the photos and putting them all together!!  I love it!  I can hardly believe that I now am the proud owner of that condo!!  Wow!!  Thanks!! Without you it would have been impossible!

As well, you may remember we had 2906/2907S available for sale in November but it was sold.  Who bought it?  I did.  It was two front units, combined into one unit on the 29th floor.  I originally planned to buy it, renovate it and resell it... but we did such a great job that I just love living here now and so, for the time being, I am not going to resell this unit (although I've already had many offers!).  Here are a few photos:


And, before we go, NASA Astronaut, Douglas Wheelock took a number of amazing pictures from space which you can see here.  Scroll down to photo #18, or click here, to see a great picture of Acapulco Bay taken from the Space Station.  We are almost exactly in the middle of the bay where you can see a few large rocks sticking out. 


And so, with that, I bid you adios until next month!  If you have any plans to come down to Acapulco please let me know and I'll give you a discount on our condos that we have in our boutique hotel (http://LTGPS.com).

Cheers from paradise!

Jeff Berwick