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October 2011 Newsletter - Great Weather, New Staff & Unit Updates

Hello from Acapulco!

New York and most of the US North East was hit by a large snowstorm this week.  This likely explains why we had a busier October than normal.  Often, October is one of the quieter months of the year in Acapulco but this year we had many guests in our boutique hotel, Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites.

AcaCondos founder, Jeff Berwick, has been traveling a lot over the last few months and he wrote back to us here in Acapulco to tell us how much he misses the Acapulco climate.  Here is what he stated:

"I miss Acapulco weather so much!  In the last few weeks I've spent a lot of time in Phoenix (where 110F was common) and then in Cabo (where it is also deadly hot in the summer).  And then last week I was in San Diego, which is usually quite a nice climate... but it was cloudy, rainy and freezing cold!  I had to take hot showers every few hours to try to keep warm.  All the travels remind me of why I love Acapulco weather so much.  It is 90F/32C and sunny pretty much every single day of the year.  I am now on my way to Argentina for a few weeks... hopefully it won't be too cold there and then after that I will be in Montreal - which will be assuredely freezing cold - and then San Francisco, which is almost always rainy and freezing cold in November.  By the time I return to Acapulco in early December I will kiss the ground when I arrive!"

 As you can see, Jeff keeps busy!  If you didn't know, he is quite a famous writer and speaker in the field of freedom, finance and expatriation.

He recently was interviewed by TheDailyBell.com, which is a large website focused on free-market thinking.  The interview was really enlightening about Jeff's background... I learned a lot from reading it.  You can see it here: "How Jeffrey Berwick Built a Billion-Dollar Tech Company, Lost Almost Everything – Then Bounced Back with 'Dollar Vigilante'"


We've been really busy here.  With Jeff traveling the world almost constantly, he's left me in charge of all the day to day operations of AcaCondos and LTPGS.

We've been busy all month renovating 2503S for the new Canadian owners of that suite.  We should be done in the next few weeks and will have photos available for the November blog.  The owners are driving down from Canada on their Harleys in December and we think they'll be very happy with the complete renovation.

The hotel has been busier than normal, as I mentioned, so I have hired a new person to help.  We now have 5 suites available for rent and so when they are all full, especially with the penthouse suite often housing 6 guests, it can be a lot of work around here.

But, that's all good news!  The more renters we have the better the income for those who have suites and want to earn rental income when they are not here.


We've had a lot of interest for the units we have for sale this month as Jeff has been mentioning AcaCondos quite a bit in the media interviews he has done.  Many people are planning to come down to check out the suites, starting as early as November.  So if you had an eye on any of the suites currently for sale you may want to give us a call soon.

Here are the current suites we have:

Here is the view from 2906S... not a bad way to spend the winter months, watching some hockey or football on the Canadian/US satellite HDTV hookup on the large screen, 65" Samsung LED!


As always, we offer discounts to people interested in coming down to check out the suites we have.  You can stay in one of our renovated suites to see how you like staying here before you buy.  And we'll give you a good discount on your stay.

It's a no lose proposition!

Email me directly at michael@acacondos.com for more info.

That's it for this month!


Michael Bach