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December 2011 Newsletter - Renovations Complete & Ready for High Season

Hello from Acapulco!

The high season has just begun to get underway and all of our suites are either full with the owners of the suites or guests, staying at our boutique hotel concept (http://LTGPS.com).

AcaCondos founder, Jeff Berwick, spent almost the entire last month on the road in places like Argentina, Montreal and San Francisco and he writes in:

"I really, really don't know how people can live in Canada or the US in the winters... it is SO cold in most places and SO depressing.  Having the sun go down on a cold, windy, grey day at 3:30pm is a recipe for depression!  I arrive back in Acapulco on December 1st and will spend most of December there and just the thought of being on the beach, drinking a corona, eating fresh seafood and surrounded by laughter, music and dancing is what has gotten me through this month."


We are now 100% complete on the renos for the new owners of 2503S and both the owners are on their way down from Canada now on their Harley Davidsons!  Last we heard they were in Cabo San Lucas.  They are probably very excited to see the renovations we've done to their suite since they bought it in the late spring.

Jeff Berwick tells me that this is our best renovation yet.  Practice makes perfect and we've done quite a few now so we've found all the best craftsmen and all the best furniture and appliance vendors to completely renovate a beach condo quickly and to exacting standards.

Here are the photos of the renovated unit!:

PANORAMIC 360 VIEWS NEW! (Click on the picture for panoramic view)

Also, Jeff bought an app called "360" for the iPhone for the price of $0.99 and took the following stunning 360 degree views.  Click on the images below to see the full 360 degree view of Suite #2503S:

And here is a view from the main pool area at AcaCondos taken just today... another beautiful day in paradise:


Here are the current suites we have available for sale:

Here is the living room area of 2906S... not a bad way to spend the winter months, watching some hockey, football or movies on the Canadian/US satellite HDTV hookup on the large screen, 65" Samsung LED!


As always, we offer discounts to people interested in coming down to check out the suites we have.  You can stay in one of our renovated suites to see how you like staying here before you buy.  And we'll give you a good discount on your stay.

Email me directly at michael@acacondos.com for more info.

That's it for this month!


Michael Bach