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February 2011 Newsletter

Hello again from Acapulco!

I just returned from Phoenix, Arizona where it was rainy and cold, with highs around 46F (8C).  It is so hard to get used to all the rules and regulations in the US after living most of my time in Mexico.

Everywhere we went we were told what to do, how much we could do it and for how long.  I won't bore you with too many details but at one point I even ended up getting roughed up by the local police and put in handcuffs (photo below!) because I had stepped outside of a bar with my drink to talk to a friend!  Here, in Mexico, if you walk outside of a bar with a drink the worst that happens is some nice, cute waitress asks you if you'd like a plastic cup with ice!

That's the first time I'd been in handcuffs in my life and it occurred two hours after I arrived in Phoenix!

I was only there for a few days speaking at an Investment Conference and was very happy to return to Acapulco just a few days ago.

There is lots to update this month so let's get right to it.

Units For Sale and Sold

Unit #2503S sold in January which had me scrambling to find any available units left under $50,000 USD (pre-renovation).  But only a few days ago I happened upon a couple from Mexico City who approached me to help them sell their condo... and I was THRILLED to find out it has one of the best locations/views in the entire building and they only want $50,000 USD for it.

It is unit #2909S and is located on the 29th floor (sub-penthouse).  Anything over the 25th floor is in high demand and many others with similar condos for sale want more than $60,000, so I was thrilled to come across this one!

You can read much more about the unit here: http://www.acacondos.com/2909s/ 

We are offering it for $50,000 as is or for $69,500 USD with the full renovation package.  I should emphasize, as well, that we can and usually do (if the owner wishes) handle EVERY facet of the purchase.  Even if you didn't want to come to Mexico we can handle the entire transaction remotely, scanning and emailing you all the documents, going to the Notary and to the Bank (if you are a foreigner and need a bank trust) on your behalf.  As well, if we renovate the unit, we handle absolutely everything.  It usually takes 4-6 weeks and the owner doesn't have to do a thing except tell us their particular details they'd like (color scheme etc).  As example, the new owners of 2503S wanted a few extra upgrades and asked us to get a quote on things such as a very large (perhaps 60") flat screen TV and wall mount (they told us to find the largest TV the wall could support!) and they wished to replace the patio bars with an elegant all-glass structure - so we will be getting quotes on that and overseeing all the work.

Here are two photos of the view from condo #2909S:

 I, personally, LOVE this suite and doubt you will ever see a unit on the 29th floor sell for under $50,000.  I just happened to come across the couple from Mexico City who were a bit desperate to sell.

In fact, I like this unit so much that if it doesn't sell in the next month or two I may just buy it myself.  But, for now, you have a chance to get an amazing 29th floor beach condo for $50,000 or for $69,500 USD fully renovated with all new furnishings, kitchen, bathroom, large flat screen TV, US/Canadian satellite HDTV hook-ups and much more.

Ask Us

If you don't see any suites on our site that meet your particular tastes, don't hesitate to send us an email to sales@acacondos.com to let us know what you are looking for... often times we can find what you need.

Photo Gallery

We also have a fairly new Photo Gallery up now on our website which has a number of pictures of the building, the swimming pools and surrounding area which you can see here: http://www.acacondos.com/photo-gallery/

Special Discount Room Rental in One of Our Owner's Suites

We had one cancellation this week in our boutique hotel (http://LTGPS.com), which is where we rent out rooms on behalf of owner's who have bought suites here in the AcaCondos building and we'd like to take this opportunity to offer a VERY special rate just to those on this mailing list.

We have one studio condo available from February 25-March 18.  If you look on our website you will see we have that room offered for $129 USD/night.  We expect we will get some last minute bookings but in the meantime I am happy to offer it to you for $89 USD/night!  For all of you freezing your way through the 5th or 6th massive snowstorm to hit the North East US, find a flight and come down to beautiful and balmy Acapulco.  The best months for weather here, by the way, are January-March.  Every month is excellent here but those are the coolest (averaging 30-32C or 86-90F) and very low humidity.

Hasta La Vista

That's it for now.  Until next time, you know where to find me... on the beach!


Jeff Berwick