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March 2011 Newsletter

Hello from always beautiful Acapulco!

I just returned from a two week business trip through South America.  I visited Lima (Peru), Santa Cruz (Bolivia), Asuncion (Paraguay) and Salta Province (Argentina).

Lima isn't that great and Santa Cruz has nothing going for it.  But I did enjoy Asuncion and Salta.

But, upon returning, nothing compares, weatherwise and for beauty, like Acapulco.  That's because it is so tropical here!  It is my favorite thing to step off the plane and smell the heat and humidity in the air and hear all the different sounds of all the tropical birds.

It was, for the most part, freezing cold everywhere I went in South America - and it is only late summer/early fall there now.  In northern Argentina - where it should be warmer - I stayed at a ranch and had to buy a sweater and a jacket and sit around the campfire at night to keep from freezing. Not many people realize it, but most of South America is quite cold.  The only areas that I have been that are regularly warm and tropical are in Brazil.


The so-called Mexico Drug Wars continue to make headlines.  And, to be fair, there is a fair amount of violence between the rival gangs... but this rarely if ever affects the locals and tourists - and the media plays it up to make it sound like anything that happens occurred right in the heart of the main tourist areas.

These are three articles which give a better understanding of what is really happening on the ground here in Mexico - one of which I wrote:

Be careful to believe anything as presented by governments or the mass media (who are often one in the same with the government).


As is always the case each February, the Mexican Open tennis championship was held at the Fairmont Acapulco Princess.  Part of the ATP Tour, this tournament offers some of the best clay court tennis in the world and is always a highly enjoyable event to attend.

Mextenis Stadium during the Women's Final between Argentine Gisella Dulko and Arantxa Parra of Spain on February 26, 2011.

Mexico's rich and beautiful usually descend on Acapulco to celebrate the competition.  The tennis is world class and quite a bit cheaper and easier to attend than in Paris or at Wimbledon.


The following are the three suites we currently have for sale:

There are other possibilities and units (including two combined front units) available so feel free to ask what other options are available and we will let you know what we can do.


Despite many Americans and Canadians avoiding Mexico this winter we still managed to have a very good winter in terms of rentals of the units we offer for rent on behalf of owners when they are not using them in our boutique hotel concept: Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites.

However, now that we are nearing the end of March things are slowing down so we have some availability in most of our suites in April and May.

I just checked the weather in places like Chicago, today, and it is still gripped in the heart of winter.  Here is the current weather in Acapulco... it really never changes.  If you like sun and heat, this is the place:

Enquire directly with me at sales@acacondos.com or reservations@ltgps.com and I'll give you a nice discounted rate in one of our suites on the beach.  Get an early start on a tan... and find out for yourself that Acapulco is as safe or safer than most large US cities.

Until next month!