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April 2011 Newsletter

Hello from Paradise!

It's Semana Santa here in Acapulco... Easter week.  In many places Easter is celebrated by a four day weekend - usually Friday and Monday.  Here in Mexico, as with all holidays, they celebrate it for the entire week before Easter and the entire week after as well!  That is fairly typical for Mexico - a place where they seem to have more holidays than days of work - something I think we should all aspire to!

Acapulco seems to be a main gathering spot for Mexicans and so this entire last week and the week ahead is jam packed here.  All our rooms are rented and the city is wall-to-wall people.

However, as soon as Easter ends, things really wind down here in May and by June I'll be one of the only foreigners here.  June is the quietest month of the year by far.  Then all the Mexicans' return for school holidays all through July and August.  I'll still be the only foreigner here but instead of the streets being eerily quiet, the streets in July and August will once again be packed with people.


Luis Miguel - Click to EnlargeIf you don't know who Luis Miguel is then you aren't Latin American!  By far the most famous celebrity in Mexico and most Latin American countries is singer Luis Miguel.  He is here this week entertaining at the beautiful new Emporium concert hall.  Luis has many business ventures here.  He was the main investor behind La Isla, the new luxurious outdoor shopping mall in the Diamante area of Acapulco.  If you enjoy shopping, or just spending a nice day amongst nice restaurants, bars, cinemas and shops, definitely check out La Isla.


I came across a few more articles this month which I thought were interesting.

The first is an article by one of my favorite writers, Fred Reed.  He is an American who, like me, has lived in Thailand and currently lives in Mexico.  He always has some really interesting insights and his article this month on Mexico I found particularly enlightening.  You can see it here: http://www.lewrockwell.com/reed/reed203.html.

The other article is one from The Atlantic where he visited Acapulco and discusses the so-called "danger" of visiting places like Mexico.  You can see it here: http://www.theatlantic.com/life/archive/2011/04/the-most-murderous-countries-safer-than-you-think/236891/


The most interesting development of the last few weeks is that the owner of one of the only penthouse suites in the building with a large, private roof deck, is offering it up for sale.

We have a waiting list of people who have all been waiting for a penthouse unit with rooftop deck to come available so we don't expect this to last long at all.

It is, IMO, one of the best deals I've seen anywhere.  It is a 3 level, 2 bedroom, penthouse suite with a very large, private rooftop deck with jacuzzi.  It is very modernly designed and includes a flat screen TV hooked up to US & Canadian HDTV programming.

As well, it has been in our rental pool for the last 1.5 years and earns excellent income for someone looking for a vacation property that earns a good income.  It regularly rents out for $150-$250 USD/night.

They are only asking $179,000 USD.  Go here for more information: http://acacondos.com/3009N

Living Room

Living Room View to Kitchen




 Master Bedroom


Master Bedroom ViewView from Chair on Roof Deck Rooftop Deck Patio View Patio View 
























As always, we offer discounts for anyone who wishes to come down and stay in one of the condos we've renovated and rent out on behalf of the owners at Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites. Send us an email at sales@acacondos.com and we'll let you know what we can offer based on availability.

Until next month,

Jeff Berwick