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May 2011 Newsletter

Hello from beautiful Acapulco!

Officially, yesterday, the "rainy season" has begun.  Being from Vancouver, Canada, a place where it rains literally non-stop from October until May, I always laugh when I hear that.

However, to be fair, I saw some clouds for the first time in six months yesterday, so they did a pretty good job of picking the date.

But how rainy is rainy season in Acapulco?  Well, to put it simply, it rarely ever rains - at least on this side of the mountains (more on that below).  At the worst of it, there may be a rain shower lasting 20-30 minutes in the evening two or three days a week.  It's actually quite nice as it cools things off as the period over the summer gets almost a little too humid and hot.  We've been running our air conditioner non-stop for the last few days.  That is a big difference from the period between November and April where we would never run the A/C in the day - the breeze from the ocean was always more than enough to keep the temperature in our condo very comfortable.

It can rain a lot here on certain occassions though.  Those occassions?  Hurricanes and tropical storms.

Acapulco is quite nicely situated in the very south of Mexico and is only about 100-200 miles from where the hurricanes in this part of the world usually form.  So, it is very rare when a hurricane gathers sufficient strength so quickly that it causes much problem in Acapulco.  Any hurricane usually passes by as a weak storm and usually gains strength as it approaches Puerta Vallarta and Cabo up north.

The last major hurricane in Acapulco was fourteen years ago with Hurricane Pauline in 1997.  There was no major damage here where we are but unfortunately much of Acapulco is built onto the hillsides and many people lost their homes and lives in mudslides.

Not many people realize, but Acapulco is a very large city and a large part of the city is actually on the other side of the large hills - a totally different world, really, if you ever go over to 'the other side'.  That side, by the way, are where there are sometimes some drug trafficking related problems.

One neat geological irregularity here in Acapulco is that those hills actually keep out a lot of precipitation from inside the bay - where we are situated.  But, because there is a fair amount of rain on the other side of the hills and at the top of the hills, Acapulco Bay is incredibly green and lush year round despite rarely ever having rain here.  It is a very special place for this reason alone.


There are only a total of 24 penthouses (12 per tower) but we've sold two just in the last few weeks.

As expected, 3009N sold the day after we listed it.. we knew that one was going to sell fast as it is one of the only penthouses with its own private roofdeck.

Then just this week 3006N sold after being on the market for quite some time.

Since then I've had a few other enquiries for penthouses so I've been scrambling to find other penthouse owners who may want to sell.  Luckily I have found one and we just listed it on our site yesterday.  It is unit 3003S.  You can see more including a video I just took from its balcony yesterday - you can see the first clouds we've had in 6 months on this video here: http://www.acacondos.com/3003s/

Here is more info on it:

3003S - 2 Bedroom Penthouse Unit- $121,900 USD as is or $161,900 USD with full upgrade package


View from the Patio of 3003S

This 1060 square foot (98.50 sq. meter) 2 bedroom, 2 level Penthouse suite has one of the best views in all of Acapulco. The large kitchen and living room are located on the first level. A spiral staircase leads upstairs to the very large master bedroom which has its own large private patio and is complete with ensuite. The second bedroom with ensuite bathroom is also located on the 2nd level.

The unit can be purchased as is with existing furnishings for $121,900 USD but you will not be able to rent the unit through our hotel brand Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites (http://www.ltgps.com) as it will not meet our furnishing criteria. For $161,900 USD we can have the entire suite repainted, renovated and all new furnishings installed including the following:

  • * Modern Sectional Sofa and coffee table
  • * Large Living Room Table
  • * 2 King size beds (or 1 King and 2 Double Beds)
  • * 3 Wall Mounted (one 50", two 42") LCD flat screen TVs (one in living room, one in each bedroom)
  • * US & Canadian roof mounted Satellite HDTV hookup
  • * 3 newly installed minisplit Air Conditioning Units
  • * New large, soundproof entry door
  • * Dining table & chairs
  • * 3 piece patio loveseat, chair and table
  • * New modern blinds in all 3 rooms
  • * New kitchen cabinets and large refrigerator
  • * New modern Mabe stovetop
  • * New laminate flooring throughout
  • * Large hot/cold bottled water station
  • * Pots, pans, dishes, glasses and utensils for use for guests
  • * Completely repainted, all new electrical installed and other renovations

To see examples of past renovations we have done on behalf of new owners click here.

Once the suite is outfitted with these furnishings we can rent via our hotel at rates averaging $150+ USD/night.

These are photos of the unit in its current condition:

Living Room Area


Master Bedroom View2nd Bedroom

3003S is in reasonably good shape for someone who just wants an inexpensive beachfront penthouse without having to put much work into it.  However, we can completely renovate it to very modern standards, with all new furnishings, appliances, flat screen TVs in each room and much more for a total of $161,900 USD.

If you go for the full renovation package then we can rent this unit for average prices of $130-$150 USD/night for excellent income through our boutique hotel, Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites.


We also still have two studio suites available.

2809S is already fully renovated and currently in our rental pool so it is an excellent vacation home/income property.  In the last 6 months, after expenses, 2809S has netted $3,000 in income.  That is an excellent ROI on this unit which is for sale for only $72,500!  If you are looking for something you can move into in a matter of days, 2809S is the condo for you... or if you want something with a proven rental income, again, 2809S is the one for you.  See more here: http://www.acacondos.com/acacondos-2809s/ 

2909S is one floor above 2809S but needs some work.  It is for sale for $50,000 USD as is or for $69,500 USD completely renovated with all new furnishings, flat screen TV, new A/C, new kitchen, new bathroom, new flooring and more.  If you don't mind waiting a month or so to renovate the suite and don't mind starting from a lower rental base then you can save a few thousand dollars by buying 2909S.  See more here: http://www.acacondos.com/2909s/


That's all for this month... we are now getting into the heart of the quiet period (June is the quietest month in Acapulco) so if you like tranquility and silence, come on down and stay in one of our suites in June.  We'll offer you a good discount and you'll be one of the only people in the building, besides myself!  It's pretty funny being in a 30 storey tower and being the only one here but that is how it usually is in June, prior to July and August when it again gets very busy with Mexican tourists here enjoying their summer vacation.

Until next month!

Jeff Berwick