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June 2011 Newsletter

Hello again from the beach!

I told you, June is about the quietest month in Acapulco, so I don't have too much to update you on this month.

We've actually had a decent amount of unit rentals that we rent for owners this month, which was a bit of a nice surprise - often we have next to no rentals in June - but other than that it has been quuuiieeeettt.  Around this time of the year I am often the only person in the building - and it is two, 30 story towers!  That is a lot of space to be alone in!  If you like quiet, though, June is your month!


Since I don't have much new to tell you I thought I'd tell you a cute, yet scary, moment that happened to me at the beach recently.

I have a 6 month old chihuahua... I figured, if I live in Mexico I should have a Mexican dog!  He's the cutest little thing - his name is Bruce Lee.  Here is a pic of how he looks when he wants to come up on the bed with us!

I take him for a walk on the beach nearly every day.  He loves it. He loves to chase the birds on the beach.  But every time I've tried to take him into the water he gets very scared.  So scared that he often will run away and hide if he knows I want to go in the water with him.

So, because of this, I wasn't expecting any problems when I went in for a dip by myself.  I figured he'd just wait for me.  So, I went in and swam around a bit.  The waves were quite large that day - maybe because Tropical Storm Beatrice was a few hundred miles offshore.

Bruce Lee was busy playing with some kids on the beach but then I saw that he realized I was in the water... he stared for about 2 seconds, assessing the situation.  He must have figured I was drowning, or something, because he galloped towards the water.

Some of the waves were over 5 feet high... even for me to get past them to go for a swim I had to time the waves or I'd get thrown back!  But, Bruce, he is about 0.5 feet tall and about 2.5 pounds!

My heart froze as I saw him get thrown about by a wave!  I paddled as hard as I could over to him!  He was getting tossed about!

Luckily I grabbed him... and learned a lesson, don't go for a swim with Bruce around!

That little 2.5 pound thing with giant ears thought I was in trouble and raced into the water he is normally petrified of to save me!

Chihuahas.  Little dogs, huge hearts!


I've brought this up a few times in the past, but again after another very cool winter in most of the world I thought I'd mention it again.  There appears to be some major weather pattern shifts happening all over the world.

In this part of the world, even places like Cancun are having winters where a sweater and hot chocolate at night is par for the course!  It snowed in Miami this year.

We had so many guests who normally rent a vacation apartment in south Florida or in other parts of Mexico who came running to Acapulco in search of heat.

This has been going on for the last few winters and could be par for the course now.  So, if you like heat, keep that in mind when choosing a place to buy a place or vacation.  Acapulco is very far south in Mexico - it's quite close to Guatemala... they don't know what cold weather is here.  But it's still north enough to receive Canadian and US HDTV satellite programming - which I used to enjoy the NHL Playoffs and the subsequent Vancouver riots from the beach.


Nothing has changed from last month, we still have the same 3 units available.  All three, by the way, are as good as any we have ever had, IMO.

2809S is great because it has been in our rental pool for a while and has been recently completely renovated so it is the easiest... you just buy it and it is ready to go.  And it currently is pulling in an income of 7% per year AFTER ALL EXPENSES.  That beats most investments today... plus there aren't many investments that you can stay in on the beach, for basically free, whenever you want!

2909S is excellent because it is the 2nd floor from the top... Sub-penthouse.  I am surprised no one has bought this yet... for $50,000, you can't go wrong with this one!

3003S is a 2 bedroom penthouse and has one of the nicest views in all of Acapulco.  Again, a 2 bedroom penthouse right on the beach in the heart of Acapulco Bay for $121,900... can't go much wrong with that!

All those prices are in US dollars too... so for you Canadians are Europeans, they've gotten cheaper over the last year.

If you don't see a unit that interests you, send us an email to sales@acacondos.com and let us know what you are looking for... we can probably find it for you.


Here are a few of the most interesting tourism related articles about Mexico and Acapulco this month:


July and August can get a little crowded in Acapulco as all the Mexican families go on vacation... but if you don't mind that, send us an email... we'll give you a good deal on one of our owner's suites that we rent for them through our hotel concept: Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites.

Until next time,

Jeff Berwick