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July 2011 Newsletter - Acapulco Condos, The Beach & The Mall

Hello again from Acapulco,

I've been watching the Canadian and US weather reports this summer.  It appears that much of the west coast has been unseasonably cool and rainy.  Vancouver, Canada, as example, has only had about 3 or 4 sunny, warm days so far this summer - the rest being rainy or cool.  Meanwhile, as many of you who are currently melting in the East know, they've been having a scorching heat wave with temperatures often above 110F/43C.

I've taken note of this, in particular, because Acapulco's weather is, really, just perfect year round (if you like the hot, tropical heat).  Rarely is there ever a day with highs of less 82F/28C or more than 95F/35C and there are probably less than 2 weeks total per year of overcast days, the rest are all sunny.  It has to be one of the most predictable climates in the world.


Having lived here for nearly 4 years now I can sometimes forget about some of the great things about Acapulco.  But, last week, I had a friend visit Acapulco for the first time, so I got to see Acapulco through a newcomer's eyes again.

He was only here for a week but he really packed as much in as he could.  He went parasailing, scuba diving, went on a tour and visited many of Acapulco's great dining and drink spots including Forza Italiana, Mango's, Beto's and many more.

He had to leave today and I've never seen anyone who looked sadder.  He even said that he is going to find a way to come live down here in the next year or so.

Upon leaving I went around with him because he had to say goodbye to all the new friends he had met, including the guy who took him scuba diving and the bartender at Mango's who bought him a present because he liked him so much! That's Acapulco and the people here... incredibly friendly.


As I write this I am sitting at Starbucks in La Galerias Diana mall.  The wife and kids are taking in Harry Potter in the luxurious VIP cinema here complete with waiters and reclining seats.  Total cost for a ticket is about what you pay in the US for standard cinemas.

It is 10:30pm on a Sunday night and the mall is still completley crowded with an upscale, happy looking crowd of people and families, enjoying a Sunday out together.

Las Galerias Diana

Acapulco has two really nice malls.  La Galerias Diana is only about a 10 minute walk from our location.  And La Isla is a world-class outdoor mall with dozens of restaurants, bars and upscale shopping.  It is partly owned by Luis Miguel, the famous Mexican singer.


La Isla


We've had a large uptick in interest for the current condos we have for sale in the last week.  We've been inundanted with interest - people must already be looking at the cold winter around the corner and are preparing now - so the condos we currently have may be selling fast.

These are still the 3 best units we have:

There really is no where in Mexico where you can get such nice beachfront units for so cheap - and definitely not with the ROI we can get you by renting the unit whenever you are not using it.

If you haven't been to Acapulco then you don't know what you are missing.  Email us at sales@acacondos.com if you have interest in buying or would like to come down and stay in one of our suites first to see how you like it before you buy.  We offer discounts to prospective buyers.

That's all for now... Harry Potter just finished so it's time for me to go.

Until next month,

Jeff Berwick