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August 2011 Newsletter - New Double Suite Available & New Onsite Manager

Hello from the beach in Acapulco!

I hope you are having a nice summer... because it's almost over!

We've got lots of news down here so I am going to get right to it.


This is, by far, the nicest and best suite in the twin towers aside from the penthouse suites.

It is on the highest possible floor below the penthouse suites on the 29th floor and it has the two front units (the two best units with full 180 degree ocean view).

Here are some photos:

Those who have been receiving our newsletter for some time may remember that this suite was available for sale about a year ago and I personally bought it - with the intention of renovating it and then selling it.

However, after I had renovated it, I fell in love with the suite and despite receiving offers I decided not to sell it.

I finished renovating it in December 2010 and have been living in it ever since.

Here, though, is the problem.  My little family here has since added another child and a small dog too!  So, that makes 5 of us... in what is essentially a large 1,060 square foot studio apartment!

In other words, I quickly outgrew it.  I now have decided that what I will do is sell this suite and then buy a penthouse suite in the building... the penthouse suites all have 2 bedrooms and are 2 level, meaning much more room and privacy for everyone.

When I bought the suite we literally gutted it (you can see before, during and after photos here - scroll to the bottom).

And I put in literally top of the line, super luxury appliances and electronics.  The TV, for example, is a 65" Samsung LED TV... basically the best TV you can get (it cost nearly $5,000) hooked up to a wall mounted 7.1 Onkyo surround sound system.  All the other appliances are all high end LG or similar brands including a washer/dryer combo.

I will be very, very sad to move out of this unit... but, don't feel too bad for me.... I'll just move on to renovate a penthouse suite to basically the same standards.

You can read more about 2906S here: http://www.acacondos.com/2906s/ 


I'm very pleased to introduce Michael Bach as our new onsite sales manager for AcaCondos.  As well, he will be overseeing unit rentals on behalf of the owners for Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites.

I'll still be here but things have grown to the point now where I needed some help managing things.  That plus I also write a popular financial and expatriation newsletter called The Dollar Vigilante and host a free-market video podcast called Anarchast and speak at investment and freedom conferences around the world (see my upcoming schedule here) means that there is just no way I can do it all without help.

Michael speaks English and Spanish (as well as Danish and German) and will be eager to help anyone interested in purchasing a suite or in renting any of the suites the owners have available for rent through LTGPS.

You can contact Michael through our standard email (sales@acacondos.com) or by calling our US number (which forwards here to Acapulco): 310-928-1520.


If you like quiet, come down in October or early November... or if you don't mind the crowds, visit anytime between late November and May.. that is the peak season.  Come down and stay in one of our renovated suites and see how you like living on the beach in modern luxury before you buy.

Contact Michael for more.  We offer discounts for interested buyers.

Until next month!

Jeff Berwick