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January 2012 Newsletter - New & Improved Acapulco and Happy New Owners

Happy New Year from Paradise in Acapulco!

It was a beautiful new year's celebration here in Acapulco with the usual, completely unorchestrated and spontaneous fireworks show in the bay.  In Mexico, owning some fireworks is like owning a dog in the western world... every third person has some.... and not just those little Roman Candle type.  They own the full launcher and performance-grade fireworks!  So, when the fireworks show begins in Acapulco Bay, expect about 20 minutes of complete poetic chaos.

AcaCondos owner, Jeff Berwick, recently wrote a great piece about Acapulco in his world famous financial newsletter, The Dollar Vigilante.  For those who don't know, Jeff is an entrepreneur, writer and speaking celebrity on anything to do with freedom, investment and the expat lifestyle.  He is literally on the road for 200 days of the year but every chance he can he spends back here in Acapulco.

Here is what he wrote recently upon returning after a few months to Acapulco:

Acapulco has been great.  I was away for a few months, mostly based out of Cabo San Lucas since September, but Cabo just made me realize how special Acapulco is.  For one, you might as well be in the US in Cabo... there is nothing Mexican there, save for the Carlos and Charlies and Senor Frogs to make timid and unadventurous Americans feel like they've just experienced another culture.  Secondly, the weather in Acapulco is second to none in the world if you like hot and sunny every day of the year.  It ranges between 29C/84F to 35C/95F every single day of the year.  In Cabo right now you need a jacket at night... Here they don't know what a jacket is.

As well, the US caused "war on drugs" violence all but stopped here a few months ago.  In reality, it was NEVER an issue... not for anyone who lives in the tourist area... nor for anyone who had no involvement in the drug trade.  But, it did scare off a lot of tourists.  Well, now, nothing has happened for months.  I've asked around and no one knows why.  I think I know why, though.  Down here they are still all very connected... and they are all very family oriented and, in general, of anarchist tendencies (anti-government).  So, after a certain period of government caused problems the people of Acapulco said, as a whole, "enough is enough".  They self-healed.  Mothers, fathers, brothers, uncles and aunts just said to all their siblings who may have been involved in the honorable free-market business of supplying products to consumers, that the violence needed to stop.

It's one of the things I love most about down here.  The people.  Only someone who has spent time here to understand the culture would even scratch the surface of it.  But, for months now, the city, almost as a living being, has said, "stop".

And, almost without hesitation, the world returned to Acapulco.  I wasn't here, but there was an amazing Red Bull airshow in Acapulco Bay (the 2nd most beautiful bay in the world, IMHO.. the first being Rio de Janiero).  The video is pretty cool (below).  For those wondering, I live right in front of that large rock right in the middle of the bay in the AcaCondos building.

In recent weeks there have also been many other events including the 1st Mexican Gymnastics Open which featured world class gymnasts from around the world and concerts on the beach, like Wisin and Yandel (world famous latino artists: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3nnvpscjUY).  The streets are full and the mood is festive.  Acapulco is back.  It was never going anywhere... this place has been a survivor for 500 years, originating global trade from here to Manila 400 years ago!  Something which still has most of the people in this region of part-Asian blood... and celebrating Chinese New Year fervently each year.

And, what I've realized personally is that my heart is here in Acapulco.  My wife is from here and my daughter was raised here.  And I am so happy to be back... and so happy to see it is self-healing from all the depredations of the US Government's tyrannical "War on Drugs", which is just a war on freedom.


You've likely followed the progress of two Canadian friends who purchased 2503S in the spring.  They purchased it and rented it out for the summer and then in September and October we gutted the unit and did a full renovation.  The two of them then drove their motorcycles all the way down from Canada to Acapulco and have been staying in their condo here for the last month.

Here is a picture of one of them on his motorcycle as he entered into Acapulco:

And here is a picture of them both (middle), another long time owner (right), and Jeff Berwick (left), who you can always find at the owner's pool 1-2 hours per day whenever he is in Acapulco, soaking up the free Vitamin D:

As you can see, there is always a lot of sad faces around here. :)

The new owners of 2503S gave us the following recommendation:

“ We recently purchased suite 2503S and had the people at AcaCondos fully renovate our suite. It is our little piece of paradise that we were hoping for. Both Jeff and Mike have been very helpful in getting us settled in and comfortable in our new surroundings.  We stayed in one of the suites at Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites (http://LTGPS.com) for a holiday last winter and this winter we are owners. We are looking forward to enjoying our condo throughout the cold Canadian winter months year after year. Ron and myself are very happy with our purchase.  Thank you guys! ” - Scott & Ron


And, we are happy to report, yet another unit has been purchased by yet another interesting and fun person.  2809S sold this month to an English man who now flies helicopters in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates.  He bought the property mostly as an investment property (averaging around 7% per annum after all expenses) but he plans to come here whenever he can get away from the Middle East for some beach fun and sun.


That means, at this time, we only have one remaining studio unit under $70,000.  And we have one double sized luxury unit (Jeff Berwick's old haunt, before he had two kids and two dogs) and one penthouse unit.  And, we've got at least 11 prospective buyers coming this winter/spring, so if you've been wanting a unit, move fast.


I want to get back to the pool with everyone else... it's a party every day here on the beach!  But, as always, I'll leave you with the note that if you'd like to come down and check out any of our suites that we'll give you a discount to stay in any of our other owner's suites that are for rent at Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites.

All the suites are outfitted with flawless, highspeed internet and 200+ US/Canadian HDTV Channels... and, did I mention, we're right on the beach in one of the most beautiful bays in the world in the tropics?  Need I say more?

We'll hope to see you down here soon!


Michael Bach