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AcaCondos September 2012 Newsletter – A Growing Community, Affordable Medical/Dental and Featured Suites

Hello from beautiful Acapulco!

The migration continues. We are seeing a real community starting to form here as more of our friends seek the easier living available south of the US-Mexico border.

The most recent of the new arrivals was our old friend Gary Gibson (who works with me at The Dollar Vigilante). He just spent his first month in one of our condo units. Gary also recently stayed for a few days with TDV head researcher Justin O'Connell in San Diego during a business trip. Justin is also planning to head down to Acapulco in a few months and asked Gary what it was like living down there in the unit. Here is what Gary had to say about that:

"The entire west wall of my unit was made of glass so I could see onto my patio and beyond to Acapulco Bay. The Pacific lapped against the boulders on the beach just a few stories below my patio. There were two overlapping sets of curtains, one for shade and one for privacy, but I left most of the window wall uncovered so I could wake up to a view of the Pacific every morning. Every night I would relax in bed with my laptop, watching movies and listening to the muted roar of the waves below. There was a huge flat screen TV on the wall, but I don't think I used it once. I did use the air conditioner wall unit quite a bit. I was always amazed at how quickly that thing could make the condo completely cool and comfortable no matter how hot and steamy it got outside."

"And there's maid service every day, which was really nice since I'm not the best when it comes to tidying up. Let me tell you...once you have daily maid service, it's hard to give up. I would leave the condo to stroll along La Costera – the main boulevard along the beach where the hotel is located – to get some food, or a coffee or a beer and come back to find the place immaculate. Sure, this sort of thing happens at any hotel in the US, but good luck finding a beachside hotel in the US where you can easily afford to live full time!"

I have to wonder how much longer Mexico will be such a bargain, however. The country is booming. GDP is on the rise, employment and foreign investment are up, the stock market has risen nearly 1,000% in the last ten years and the middle class is growing steadily. In fact, an old trend has reversed. Now more and more Mexican immigrants are leaving the US and heading back to Mexico in search of opportunity while the number of Mexicans heading north is declining dramatically.

There is nothing mysterious about this. The advanced Western economies like the US have steadily been making themselves increasingly inhospitable to business and to wealth creation. The opportunities are shifting to the emerging economies which used to be called Third World economies. Capital and entrepreneurship is simply migrating to where they're treated best.

We are fully poised to take advantage of Mexico's continuing boom. Currently our best studio condos are on track to achieve a 9% return on investment (ROI) in the coming year, but as the middle class grows and more and more Mexicans can afford to take vacations in tourist havens like Acapulco, we are prepared to capture the growing market with new marketing techniques. Also including my writings at one of the fastest growing expat and freedom focused newsletters, The Dollar Vigilante. Barring any major economic events, we expect to get occupancy up to 70% which would bring the average ROI up to 15%. As well, we brought James Guzman (jguzman@acacondos.com) to manage the condos and hotel. He is our first full-time person completely focused on improving rentals and sales and we are expecting excellent gains from him.


One area in which Mexico will continue to be a bargain, however, is medical care. Federal interference destroys the pricing mechanism for medicine in the US, thus allowing hospitals to charge outrageous amounts for treatments that cost literally a tiny fraction in other countries, as one Arizona woman recently learned...

She was stung by a scorpion and started to experience severe symptoms. She received two doses of antivenom at the hospital at which time price was not discussed. She later received a bill for over $39,000...per dose. The same treatment would have cost just $200 in Mexico.

If that seems unbelievable, let me tell you it makes complete sense. Mexico truly has a free market in medical care and the lower prices here reflect that. But even elective procedures that are relatively unburdened by corporatism between the feds and insurers in the US are much cheaper in Mexico. James Guzman recently got Lasik for both of his eyes for about a third what the procedure costs in the US.

In fact, James recently put together a package available to all in which we can offer Lasik surgery plus a 10-day stay in one of our condo units, transportation to and from the airport and a translator for the appointments...all for just $2500!

We invite you to come see for yourselves how wonderful life in Acapulco can be. Or just email or call James Guzman to discuss your own particular needs and interests. But if you also happen to have been thinking about getting your vision fixed, then you should definitely contact us to kill two birds with one stone...all for less than you would have paid for just Lasik in the US. James can also help you find other medical requirements… Canadians, why wait 6 months for an MRI when you can get it in 1 hour in Mexico?


Currently at Acacondos we are featuring two beautiful suites.

One is a Studio on the 29th floor with a breathtaking view of the bay. This suite would be great for an affordable winter getaway that would literally end up paying for itself. You can enjoy your beautiful beachfront condo whenever you would like and let us rent it for you when you are not around. Renting it only 14% of the time you will cover all of the fixed costs involved in owning the unit, all the rest will be your time at the beach or money in your pocket. All the modern furniture and appliances are included in the incredible price of 69,500.

Our other featured suite is a luxury three story penthouse condo. It features a full kitchen, two bedrooms with king size beds and a roof deck with a Jacuzzi and amazing view of the entire bay and city. The penthouses are surely our customers favorite and there is hardly a weekend that goes by when they are not fully booked. We are offering this luxury suite completely renovated with all new furnishings for $198,000.

So come see for yourself how wonderful life is in Acapulco. And take advantage of our special package offer so that when you leave, you will see a lot better...

We’ll look forward to seeing you this fall or winter! But book now because, as stated above, we expect to have our best year for rentals and things will get booked fast. Come stay in one of our condos and try it before you buy.

Jeff Berwick