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AcaCondos November 2012 Newsletter

Hello from stunningly beautiful Acapulco Bay!

I’m in a fantastic mood as the weather has now changed into the winter dry season. The difference between the two seasons isn’t too big but it does make a difference. In the summer months it is a little extra hot and humid… and the bay doesn’t have the deep blue-green to it nor do the skies regularly have a dark blue… That all changes at the end of November and we now have 6 months where there will not likely even be one day where you will see a cloud, it will be eminently comfortable and not too hot in the day or night (with even some cool breezes at night) and all the colors really come out. Also, in the summer there aren’t ultra-dramatic sunsets like we will now have for the next 6 months. Every night until May now will be a lightshow that will have you constantly grabbing for your camera.

There has been so much going on in the last month. There was a hot air balloon festival on the beach, a four day long airshow over Acapulco Bay with countless planes and jets doing formations and tricks and Acapulco International Film Festival is currently ongoing with plenty of stars including Antonio Banderas and Selma Hayek… who I am personally hoping I run into!

Plus, many of the owners of the suites at AcaCondos have been returning and all have told me of the amazing time they’ve been having. And, to add to that, in my other life as The Dollar Vigilante (http://dollarvigilante.com) we’ve been attracting readers from around the world who all have an interest in living a freer life outside of the western world. So, it is literally a party every night with great people from around the world. The two latest were two young men who decided to move to Acapulco on my recommendation… one from the Netherlands and one from Australia. Both have not been disappointed.

Here is a video I did recently with Jan from the Netherlands:

The hotel is starting to be full on a regular basis and will be full almost completely between now and May which just adds to more new people from around the world we get to meet and introduce them to the amazing lifestyle and culture here in Acapulco. On that note, if you are planning to come down this winter you should book now because, as I said, we are already filling up and it will be booked solid in the coming few months.

On that note, we can definitely use more suites in our inventory for the hotel so if you are looking for an excellent investment, look at buying one of the condos in the building. Prices are unbelievable compared to almost anywhere else in North America for what you get. And you can have a condo on the beach for your own use whenever you like and, if you don’t plan to be here permanently, we can then rent it out for excellent investment returns without even having to lift a finger. We take care of everything.


I was personally gratified to finally see a US based financial magazine, The Economist, say all the things I’ve been saying for years about Mexico… that this country has a massively growing economy (top in Latin America, beating out Brazil last year) and is much safer, especially for tourists, than most US cities.

You can see the article here, “The Rise of Mexico”.

And there are great hopes that the new President of Mexico, who comes into office next week, will squelch dramatically the stupid drug war that has caused all kinds of problems down here in paradise.

All in all, things are very good down here and the future appears bright. Once the rest of the world begins to realize this we should even more tourism here (last year was already a record year for tourism even despite all the bad press about drug violence). And, as I have stated, here in the tourist and richer areas of Acapulco it is as safe as any city of this size could be. Your biggest dangers are eating too much good, healthy food, too many drinks and either finding love or enjoying your romance watching beautiful sunsets and engaging with incredibly friendly and welcoming people.

We hope you’ll stop by and see us in the near future and see for yourself!


The following condos are currently available for sale:

2909S - Studio Suite - $69,500 USD with full renovation (click here for more info and photos)

2906S - Double Size Suite - $149,500 USD - Luxury, All New Furnishings (click here for more info, photos and video)

3003S - 2 Bedroom Penthouse Unit $161,900 USD with full renovation package & rental income capability (click here for more info and photos)

3011N - **NEW** 2 Bedroom Penthouse Suite with Roofdeck - $198,000 US with full renovation (click here for more info and photos)

Many people are coming down to check out these condos this winter, also… so if you have your eyes on any of these we encourage you to act quickly. Contact sales and operations manager, James Guzman, at jguzman@acacondos.com or call 347-408-0715.


That’s all for now. I am off back to the beach and out into the night in Acapulco after that! Wherever you are I wish you the best!

Jeff Berwick