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AcaCondos December 2012 Newsletter

Happy New Year from Acapulco!

We are well into the most beautiful time of year in Acapulco now. Every day is 30c/86f and sunny in the day and 24c/75f at night. Of course it is like that almost year round but it is especially nice in the winter when it is a touch cooler and the humidity drops significantly from the summer.

Not many people realize but many other parts of Mexico can be downright chilly in the winter. As example, this week in Cabo san Lucas, the daytime highs barely reach 20c/68f and significantly cooler at night, definitely requiring a sweater. And places like Mexico City can get so cold in the winter that there are outdoor ice skating rinks.

Not here, however. Here, shorts day and night are the most comfortable attire.

If you miss the sun and need a pick me up, here are two excellent videos all shot in Guerrero state where Acapulco is located showing all facets of the city and surrounding area.


It’s been another busy month. The Acapulco rally, a 600 kilometer car race from Taxco to Acapulco was completed on December 7th.

And, just last night, Spanish tenor Placido Domingo made his last appearance of the year at a charity concert here performing before nearly 20,000 people.

Funds from Saturday night’s concert will go toward a youth orchestra program in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, helping hundreds of at-risk youths.

“One of the most beautiful moments was directing them and hearing them sing,” Domingo said in a post-concert press conference, referring to the 320 young people and children from the Orquesta Renacimiento who participated in the event.


One of the craziest new year’s eve fireworks celebrations you will ever see happens in Acapulco each year. As anyone who knows the city is aware there is nightly fireworks throughout the year as hotels and individuals like to set them off regularly over the bay after sunset. But, tonight, it is as though everyone in Acapulco has fireworks and sets them all off at the same time. For about 15 minutes the entire bay is illuminated with fireworks.

It is truly a must-see event.


As you are probably aware, all of the suites rented at Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites (http://LTGPS.com) are privately owned and AcaCondos manages them for the owners to rent out their suites when they are not being used.

If you’d like to own a suite here is our current availability list:

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Until next year,

Jeff Berwick