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February 2012 Newsletter - Fun, Sun, Golf and Tennis

Hello from paradise,

Jeff Berwick here.  I thought I'd write this month's newsletter since I've now been back in Acapulco for the last three months after spending a few months in Cabo and then, recently, I visited the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas in January.

And, after visiting over 100 countries in my life, I have to say, there is NO PLACE on Earth with a more perfect climate than Acapulco (if you like a hot, tropical climate).  Many people don't realize that even so-called "tropical beach" places can be quite cold.  As example, the average high in Cabo San Lucas barely reaches the 70s (21C) for a high in the winter.  The house I was staying at luckily had a fireplace or we would have nearly froze to death many evenings.

And I just returned from the Bahamas.  It was my first trip there and was I ever surprised and disappointed at the weather.  It too barely reaches the 70s in the winter and when I was there it was rainy and cold.

Acapulco, from December to May is guaranteed to be sunny and hot (85-90F, 29-32C) every single day.  And the rest of the year is basically the same except there may be an evening rain shower from time to time, usually lasting about 15 minutes and serving to freshen things.

And, as for other so-called sunbelt places, all of California, Arizona and Florida can be very wet and cold in the wintertime.

I actually can't think of any place with weather better than Acapulco.  And because the mountains surrounding the bay keep the rain out, but drizzle rain down from the mountaintops, it keeps the entire bay lush green all year, even though it can be months in between rain showers.  It is truly a magical place and I am so glad to be back after a long period of travel and staying in Cabo for a few months.


Turtle Dunes Country Club has opened in Acapulco. The course designed by Oklahoma-based golf architect Tripp Davis is located with the Princess Diamante master-planned community.  This is yet another world-class edition to the golf options here in Acapulco.  Every course is within a 20 minute drive of AcaCondos, with one course being a 5 minute walk away.

And the crown jewel Of the golden swing, the Abierto Mexicano Telcel, one of 11 ATP Tennis World Tour 500 events, concludes the four-tournament "Golden Swing" through Latin America. The event, held at the Fairmont Acapulco Princess, is a favourite destination amongst players - particularly clay court specialists. In 2007, Acapulco won the ATP World Tour award for best tournament of the year in its category.

Acapulco has and always will be the hangout for almost all of Mexico's rich and famous and they all come out for the star studded tennis tournament in Acapulco.  It is a fun and enjoyable time.

Speaking of tennis, there is a gold and tennis club 5 minutes from AcaCondos.  My 7 year old son takes tennis lessons there for an hour, four days per week for very little expense from very good instructors.


We are aware of a suite that has come up for sale at a firesale price.  It will be sold for sure in the next few days so we aren't even going to put it up on our site.  It is a good location suite, on the 27th floor of the South tower and is available for $43,000 USD... or $62,500 completely renovated.  If you are interested, email or call us ASAP.  It will be gone very quickly for that price.

The remainder of the suites still for sale are as follows:


As always, we offer discounts on staying in any of our already renovated suites that we rent out for other owners.  You can see the suites here: http://LTGPS.com.  If you are interested in coming down and looking at the suites we have for sale let us know and we'll give you a discounted price.


That's it for another month.  I'm heading back down to the beach.  What a surprise, hot and sunny. 


Jeff Berwick