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AcaCondos May 2012 Newsletter - J Lo, Alaska Radio and Things to do in Acapulco

Hello from the coolest city in the Americas,

That's what AcaCondo's and Las Torres Gemelas Private Suite's infamous celebrity owner, Jeff Berwick, recently called Acapulco.  And, I agree with him.  It is the most beautiful, interesting and fun place I've been anywhere in North, Central or South America.

Jennifer Lopez, Wisin and Yandel captured the vibe of this amazing, multi-faceted 500 year old beach city perfectly in their most recent video, Follow The Leader.

If you are wondering where we are located, in the first few seconds of the video we are just to the right of the helicopter shot, right in the exact middle of the bay.  Almost anything you could ever want is within five minutes walking distance: the beach is right downstairs, hundreds of restaurants and bars surround us... you can even bungee jump right next door into Paradise disco.  What, they don't have bungee jumping in discos in the US?  Oh yes, rules, regulations and theft (taxes) are the order of the day up north in the Land of the Not so Free.


For those of you who don't know, AcaCondos and LTGPS owner Jeff Berwick writes a ludicrously popular blog and newsletter called The Dollar Vigilante.  It is a very free-market and freedom minded dispatch which has attracted a global audience of freedom-minded people.  In recent months we've had a non-stop caravan of followers coming down to Acapulco to see if it is all Jeff says it is.

None, so far, have been disappointed.  Two visited last week and have decided they will move here in the next year... and two others actually moved here last week.  The two friends who visited last week are hosts of a free-market radio show in Alaska, where they live, called Patriot's Lament.  You can hear their experiences in Acapulco as broadcast on their radio show here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoZsLsMtZts&t=33m35s

They stayed at our suites at Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites and loved it and are planning on coming back in December to buy a suite.


As the manager of AcaCondos and Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites I am always asked "what should we do in Acapulco?"  There is no limit to the amount of things you can do here... you can really do anything you want.

But here is a few things you may want to partake in:

Scuba Diving

For the best Scuba Diving I recommend my friends at Scuba Diving Acapulco.  You can book directly online and they include pickup and drop off to our suites/hotel in an airconditioned van.  Tell them Mike from AcaCondos/LTGPS sent you.

Massages & Spa
There are a number of great spas where you can be a massage, facial or other services.  Las Brisas has a fantastic spa... and the closest one to our location is right next door at the Fiesta Americana.  Just turn left when you leave the building and walk past the Starbucks.  

Sight Seeing

A must see is the Fort turned museum, Fuerte San Diego.  You can see more here: http://www.acapulco.com/en/tours/fuerte.  It’s around 10 minutes via tax from our location.

Although Frida Kahlo was the 2nd & 3rd wife of Diego Rivera, the Mexican muralist, Dolores Olmedo Patino was his eternal muse, final lover and benefactress.  Dolores Olmedo's Home in Acapulco has become a museum honouring the work of  Diego Rivera.  See more here: http://www.magiccarpetjournals.com/dolores_olmedo.htm

A Diego Rivera Mural


The following are the suites we currently have for sale at AcaCondos.  They can be rented via Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites as well.


That's all from the beach this month!  Until next time, hasta luego!



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