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AcaCondos June 2012 Newsletter - Flo Rida, Anarchast, Safety and a New Service

Hello from beautiful Acapulco Bay,

Just like last month with J Lo's video we are starting off this month's issue with another music video filmed recently in Acapulco, Flo Rida's "Whistle" (click the image below to watch):

The video showcases numerous areas including Diamante, la Quebrada (where the cliff divers are) and was also filmed inside and outside of the famous disco, Baby-O's. 


As we mentioned last month, as well, AcaCondos owner, Jeff Berwick, hosts a freedom-minded video podcast called Anarchast and last month he interviewed Josh Luther who described why he loved his visit to Acapulco so much.  You can see it here:


Mexico tourism continues to break records as most people are smart enough to see through the propaganda and sensationalism in the media.

The Huffington Post made our point for us recently when they penned an article entitled, "Are You Safer in America or Mexico?"

The article points out that Americans are safer in Mexico than they are in the US.  According to them, " 4.8 Americans per 100,000 were murdered in the US in 2010. The US State Department reports that 120 Americans of the 5.7 million who visited Mexico last year were murdered, which is a rate of 2.1 of 100,000 visitors."

Therefore, statistically, you are twice as safe in Mexico as you are in the US.  That came as no surprise to us here.  We've long talked about eminently safe it is here for foreigners.  We are like a protected species in Mexico... people know that if they mess with a foreigner they will damage the local economy and bring extra heat on themselves as the Government will go after them much more than they would on any aggression against a local.

In fact, most major US cities are far, far more dangerous than almost any city in Mexico.  Here is a headline from last weekend in Chicago, "8 Shot Dead in Chicago, 40 Injured for Second Weekend in a Row".  Are people fleeing Chicago or cancelling their trips there?  No.  Why?  Because the nightly newscast does not start off the news with the headline, "Bloodbath in Chicago again this weekend!"

It's all about sensationalism and propaganda.  But, if you are truly concerned about your safety and you live in the US, you should come to Mexico immediately!


We have had numerous people call us and tell us that they really would like to move to or get a vacation home in Mexico but want a house/villa and not a condo, like we have at AcaCondos.  So, being the good entrepreneurs that we are, we are now offering to be your concierge and help you to find any place you desire in Acapulco.

This makes a lot of sense as many foreigners don't speak good Spanish and also won't know the locals well enough to differentiate between the good ones and the hustlers.  We do, however.  Many on our staff have lived here their whole lives and have decades of experience in the real estate business. Plus, we have American born people who also have moved to Acapulco and are currently living in AcaCondos who we have introduced our contacts too and they'd be very happy to meet with you if you come down and show you around at any properties you'd like to see... they can even send you a listing of what's available before you even come down.

And, You can stay in our suites while you are here at Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites for a discounted rate.  Send us an email at sales@acacondos.com if you'd like to set something up.  


The following are the suites we currently have for sale at AcaCondos.  We are eager to get some more suites into our rental inventory at LTGPS because we have been full to capacity numerous times over the last few months.  So, if you have any interest, please contact us.  We'd even be open to a small discount on the already fabulous pricing just to get another few suites into our rental inventory.

The timing has never been better to have a suite at AcaCondos/LTGPS.  If the start of 2012 is any indication we will have a record year for rentals... which means a great Return On Investment (ROI) on your purchase if you wish to rent out your unit when you are not using it.

Again, contact us at sales@acacondos.com or call us at (315) 219 4653 (US number that forwards to us in Mexico).


Come visit us this summer or fall.. every month in Acapulco is beautiful.  And if you wish to come next winter or spring, book now, we are already filling up.


Michael Bach