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AcaCondos July 2012 Newsletter - Beautiful Summer Rain, QuikSilver Surf Competition, Anarchast and More

Hello from beautiful Acapulco,

Hi all, Jeff here.

I used to dislike the summer months here.  Well, not dislike... but like less.  From November through to April it is literally paradise.  It is sunny every single day... even one drop of rain is unheard of, it isn't very humid and the temperature every single day is 86F/30C.

Now, if you look at the weather right now, in summer, in Acapulco you might ask how it is all that different.  In fact, I had a Mexican friend ask me if it is cold right now, in July, in Canada.  I told him, no, it's summer.  They don't understand the distinction here.  That's because it is pretty much 86F/30C give or take a few degrees every single day of the year.

But, the difference is, in the period from May to October it is a little extra hot and humid... and it rains sometimes.  I used to dislike it because it was a bit hotter and humid but now I have learned to enjoy it.  Why?  Because after a torrential tropical downpour (which happens about 2 or 3 times per month for no more than 1-2 hours) all of nature's beauty comes alive in Acapulco.

The trees are always green here because of how the local mountains keep the rain out but underground aquifers feed all the flora and fauna... but after a rain all manner of life comes alive.  Bird, insects and other creatures seem to come out.  Before a good rain you can see them all scurry.  My Mexican wife told me a hurricane might be coming after finding a baby iguana in our kitchen.  She said he was hiding.  And she was right, a light hurricane, Carlotta, was nearby... but did nothing other than provide some wind gusts and rain.

But after the rain, the amount of tropical and jungle bird noises all around is uplifting to the spirit.  The skies clear, it is bright and blue again, and every living thing comes out from their protection.  In fact, many of them come alive.  Tons of insects are rejuvenated after the rains and the iguanas and birds come out in a major feast.  As I grilled a steak on my balcony today I took pleasure in hearing all the "coocoos", "chirps" and other calls from all the yellow, green, red and every other color bird that circled.  A beautiful hummingbird took pleasure in a flower on a tree nearby.

The humidity in the air brings life too.  I went to get my haircut with my Acapulquena stylist this week and I said, "I don't know what is going on, I just got my hair cut less than a month ago... and my fingernails are growing like crazy too."

She just smiled.  It's the humidity, she said.  Water brings life.  And, the great thing too is that the humidity also induces you to sweat and rid your body of toxins.

A friend brought his dog here recently.  She is about 15 years old and looked quite old and ill when he arrived from the US.  For the first few weeks she labored in the heat.  She is a shephard mix and has a big fur coat.  I felt bad for her.  However, after about two months she now runs the hills and I can barely keep up.  She's full of life.  The sun and humidity is the best elixir I've ever seen.  And, if you combine it with regular swims in the salty ocean you will also notice your skin look years or even decades younger.

The fountain of youth is here in Acapulco.


Speaking of fountain of youth, I don't know about you, but the healthiest looking people I've ever met are often surfers.  Sun, salt water and exercise are the likely culprits.

So, I was really happy to hear that the international surf circuit was coming to Acapulco.  The Quiksilver Surf Acapulco competition will be held here from July 17-22.  Here's a promo for it (click here or the video below)... the beauty of Acapulco never ceases to amaze me:


Here's another video I did with another young man who is planning to buy a suite at AcaCondos and the reasons why he loves Acapulco so much (click here or on the video below):


As you know, if you've been reading me here or in The Dollar Vigilante, you are aware that the sensationalism of supposed drug violence here in Acapulco is massively overblown.  I've lived here with my young family for the last four years and have so much as to see a fistfight much less beheadings.

Most of what you hear happens far away from here.  The main areas of Acapulco are full of millionaires, billionaires and tourists and it is unheard of for anything untoward to happen anywhere near here.

Plus, Mexico just had a federal election and the government which caused the drug violence has been voted out with gusto.  The Mexican people never wanted to fight the US' war on drugs and it is already all stopping.

So, I was particularly happy to see this article from the BBC titled, "Viewpoint: Time to look beyond Mexico drug violence"

The risks here are incredibly overblown and they are also a thing of the past.  As the article starts off, "If Mexico were a stock, now might be the time to buy."

I agree completely with that.  And, our units which we rent on behalf of owners if they wish when they are not using the condos have never been more full.  Our occupancy rates are going nowhere but up and the Return On Investment (ROI) has never been better.

We've even hired another person to manage the business on top of Michael Bach and myself as the demand is so strong.  His name is James Guzman and he is available at jguzman@acacondos.com.  If you would like to come down and check out our units just email him.  He'll give you a discounted price to stay in the units (which are marketed as Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites).

And, we'll help you with anything you need.. even if you are not interested in our condos we can help you with other real estate opportunities.  And we will soon be expanding into a full concierge service to help non-Spanish speaking foreigners find medical and dental services here and be taken care without worry.

Email James if you'd like to talk more about what we can offer.


That's all for this month!  We hear it is too hot in the US NorthEast and too cold in the NorthWest and it has been raining in the UK for months... Down here, it's been just right, every day.

We'll hope to see you down here sometime soon!

Jeff Berwick