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AcaCondos August 2012 Newsletter - Upswing, Enjoy 5 Star For Less, the Peso and New Financing Options

Hello from beautiful Acapulco,

We're just having the time of our life down here... I hope you are too!

We've had so many people buying and moving down recently and a real fun community is starting to form.  There aren't many nights where you can't find one of us who isn't up for going for a drink at a beach bar.

It's not just us, it's everywhere in Acapulco.  Like this article from Travel Weekly, "In Acapulco, Signs of an Upswing".  It states that in Acapulco’s Golden Zone (the prime bay area where we are located) has risen to 72.8% year to date, up from 60.7% compared with a year ago.  We've seen the same thing.  Our occupancy rate is close to the average and we strongly, strongly believe that in the next year with all that we are doing that we can get that upwards of 80%.  That'll mean amazing Return On Investment's (ROI's) for those buying at today's prices.


One of the great things about the freedom in Mexico is that almost anything is possible.  As example, for those who really enjoy those 5 star, all inclusive hotel experiences, you can still enjoy it, very cheaply and without even staying there.

Earlier this month I took my young family to the Fairmont Princess hotel.  It is truly glorious... certainly not a place you could or would stay very long as it is too expensive and, frankly, too far away from the city... but for a week many people enjoy it.  It is acre upon acre of landscaped grounds, swimming pools, bars and restaurants.

But, here's the amazing thing, if you just want to visit for the day and enjoy all the amenities it is only 400 pesos ($30) and that includes all you can eat and drink for the entire day.  And, kicks go free!  So, for $60 my wife and I enjoyed their amazing buffett and then left all our stuff at the table as we spent 2-3 hours at their giant pools full of waterslides, peacocks, waterfalls and slides... the kids had the time of their life.  Then we came back to the table a few hours later where our waiter was very happy to see us and we enjoyed the dinner buffett before finally, 8 hours after our arrival, walked off into the sunset.

Everyone had a wonderful time and we returned to AcaCondos/LTGPS where the amenities are certainly not of that caliber but still very, very enjoyable.  So, in this way, once a week or a few times per month you can have the best of both worlds without the expense of staying in a 5 star all-inclusive resort.

We have now made it an at least once-a-month visit to which the kids and my wife and I always look forward to.


Things just always seem to get better and better here... or, at least, for us not from Mexico who earn money in other currencies.

The Mexican Peso has performed terribly since 2008 as you can see below... and this is vis-a-vis the atrocious US dollar!

As you can see, in 2008, the Mexican Peso hit nearly $0.10 to the dollar.  But only last month it nearly hit a low only briefly seen in 2009.  It is now around $0.075 to the dollar... which, simply means, if you have US dollars - or almost any other currency - you now can buy 30% more for your money here than you could even four years ago.


We are constantly working with lenders to find new financing options for our AcaCondos suites and we are very happy to announce that we now have a peso based loan that only requires 25% down.  As mentioned above, there are potential benefits to a peso based loan over a US dollar loan if the peso continues to weaken, which has been it’s history.  

Contact James Guzman who is now the fulltime manager of AcaCondos and Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites at jguzman@acacondos.com for more.


I wish you all the best and will hope to see you down here very soon.  Contact James to arrange a tour where you'll get discounted rates to stay in our suites and we'll also pick you up at the airport and take you out for some nice drinks on the beach!  We wouldn't have it any other way!