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AcaCondos January 2013 Newsletter

Hello from beautiful Acapulco,

I had been away quite a bit for the last month and upon returning to Acapulco I realized I had forgotten just how beautiful it is here in January.

First, I last wrote to you on New Year’s Eve just prior to the amazing fireworks show over Acapulco bay. It is, by far, the most chaotic and fun fireworks show on Earth. The reason? It is not planned at all. Literally dozens or even hundreds of bars, restaurants and just regular people fire off all kinds of fireworks over a 10 minute period that it illuminates the entire bay.

As point of fact, nearly every night in Acapulco has fireworks as many hotels and restaurants like to set them off… or, as I said, just regular people will fire off a few large ones over the bay. It’s beautiful… although it does make my Chihuahuas go insane.

Here is the fireworks from this year.


One of the best parts of January is the sunsets. Caroline Mayer, who often stays in the AcaCondos/LTGPS building took this photo recently from one of our suites.

She took many more, most of which from our building which you can see HERE:


A great way to see the views is at the Bungy Jump in Acapulco. It is right next door to the AcaCondos/LTGPS building and is actually inside a disco called Paradise. Yes, you can outdoor bungy into a disco on the beach in Acapulco. Scared? Just take a couple tequila shots, that always helps!

Speaking of discos, some of the world’s best discos are in Acapulco. They really put to shame 99% of discos in places like the US or Europe.

A number of our guests got together and went to this Deadmau5 concert recently in Acapulco. As you can see, it looked like a lot of fun!


Acapulco Tourism Secretary Netzah Peralta Radilla said recently that more than 500,000 tourists visited the city during the holiday season and hotel occupancy rates reached 98.4 percent.

We witnessed the same occupancy rates and still are as all our rooms are currently full and owner’s are getting excellent revenue from rentals of their suites when they are not using them.

Many of the people who have bought units in the building are very interesting. As one example, these two Canadians have been in Acapulco for the last two months and then took off recently on a motorcycle trip down to Panama.

Here they are pictured in Guatemala.

While they are gone we’ve got their unit rented out so they can earn income from their property while they go on yet another adventure. When they first arrived last year they drove all the way down from Canada.

They like it so much they are considering buying another unit.


The following units are for sale. If you are interested in hearing more about them just contact James Guzman at jguzman@acacondos.com or call (347) 408 0715.

And if you don’t see anything you like, let us know. James can even help you find other properties in Acapulco that suit your needs.


It’s back to the beach for some ceviche and an ice cold Corona. So, until next time, keep warm wherever you are.

Jeff Berwick