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AcaCondos February 2013 Newsletter

Hello from beautiful Acapulco!

It’s still the most beautiful time of the year here. In fact, this evening could almost be described as “fresh”… I haven’t gone so far as to put on a t-shirt as I sit on my patio but if it were a few degrees cooler I might have to!

The locals all talk about this weather (highs of 31C/88F and overnight lows of 22C/72F) as though it is reason to panic. Considering the lowest ever recorded overnight temperature in Acapulco was 17C/63F you can see why they might think so. This is almost as cold as it has ever been! The coldest I’ve ever seen here was an overnight temperature of 19C/66F and my Acapulquena wife’s family were calling each other to see if they were okay and people walked the streets with sweaters and jackets at night!

For those under a few feet of snow in bone-chilling temperatures up north that may seem crazy… but, everything is relative!


World class tennis is back in Acapulco this week… and with one of the top tennis stars in the world, Rafael Nadal playing.

I went last year but may not go this year just due to being incredibly busy… but almost all the owners and renters at AcaCondos/LTGPS have plans to go this week and I don’t blame them. It’s a great event with a large beer garden and lots of upscale eateries and bars on location where much of Mexico and Latin America’s glitterati all come to see and be seen.

You may have heard the news story of a gang-rape in Acapulco last month and in response the Mexican government put out thousands of extra military and police for the event… which is totally unneeded. Gang-rapes are not the norm here… in fact, it’s never happened before. And, of course, the mainstream media didn’t even give you any of the important details… like the Spanish tourists involved were not staying in Acapulco… they were staying about an hour from Acapulco in a very sketchy neighborhood in a cheap bungalow and were doing drugs all week long… in fact, it was one of their drug dealers that was involved in the very regrettable event. While rape is reprehensible there are certain things you should not do… don’t go to a foreign culture outside of the normal tourist areas and have drug parties (I hear mushrooms and ecstasy, mostly) in low-brow neighborhoods. Bad things are almost bound to happen, no matter where you are. Try going to the south side of Chicago (where 30-50 people are shot every weekend) and do the same…

Nothing untowards ever happens to tourists in the main tourist areas (which includes the entire Acapulco Bay) and beyond. Many of the people who live in this area are some of Mexico’s richest millionaires and billionaires… it simply would not happen. But, mainstream media doesn’t give you that kind of info. Their job is to create fear.


The recent news didn’t appear to hurt tourism very much… all of our suites are full for the next few weeks and everyone who has visited has had a fabulous time.

In fact, we just sold the only studio unit we had for sale (2909S - $69,500 USD) to an American and will soon be renovating it and preparing it for him and for rent when he is not here. It was a fabulous suite and I am glad we’ll have it part of our rental inventory at LTGPS.

Manager, James Guzman (who you can always email at jguzman@acacondos.com with any questions or needs you have when visiting Acapulco) is now looking for another studio unit for sale to offer… and it will almost definitely be for sale for less than $70,000. You just can’t find totally renovated units with all new furnishings and electronics on the beach in the center of a bay like Acapulco Bay for anything near that price.

So, if you are looking for a studio suite, stay tuned to Acacondos.com and we’ll have another up soon. Or if you are looking for a double-size suite, we have 2906S (click here for photos and more info) which is on the sub-penthouse level on the 29th floor with views to die for, for $149,500. I lived there for a year until my 2 kids and 4 dogs outgrew it but loved every minute I was there. And we have 2 level, 2 bedroom penthouse units available for $161,900 (3003S) without a roof deck, or for $198,000 with a roof deck (3011N).

All the units include us completely gutting the current apartment and putting in all new furnishings, plumbing and electronics. When you walk in it will be like walking into a brand new, W Hotel level suite. The penthouses will have 3 flat screen TV’s (one in the living room and one in each bedroom), all connected to Canadian/US HDTV satellite channels. I’ve been watching NHL games each night each week from right on the beach in glorious temperatures surrounded by a community of people who have all began to migrate here… and you can be part of it!

Just contact James Guzman at jguzman@acacondos.com or call (347) 408 0715 (a US number that forwards to our offices) for more info!

Until next time,

Stay warm my friends!

Jeff Berwick