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AcaCondos April 2013 Newsletter

Hello from beautiful Acapulco,

If you’ve been to Acapulco then I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. If not, let me try to describe what it is like waking up to a view of beautiful Acapulco Bay every morning.

To begin, Acapulco has more than 300 sunny days per year. The remaing 60 days are defined by days in which there is some rain or clouds. During those times it may have a short shower, usually in the late evening during the “rainy season” which begins next month.

In general though, nearly every morning you wake up to blue clear skies and a very warm constant temperature, averaging around 80F/27C before noon. There is almost always a nice breeze keeping things from feeling too hot. Large birds circle what seems to be miles above and countless tropical birds including my favorite, hummingbirds, whisk about, frolicking in the morning. Below, the ocean is almost always a nice blue/green each morning and from our building it is just normal to watch small stingray families migrate from rock to rock.

From our building it is almost always serene silence from the balconies as all you hear is the sound of the wind and the waves. The street and city noise is almost completely blocked off due to the design of the building, built as a ‘V’ shape with the point facing the ocean and the backside of the building closed off.

I’ve been travelling a lot lately and have stayed in various places. I was in New York for a week and, well, let’s just say waking up to my un-openable hotel room window with a view of a brick wall doesn’t compare. Even staying at a friend’s house on a mountainside near San Diego with a view of the entire city and mountain range wasn’t quite the same. It was chilly cold in the morning and didn’t have me lingering around outside too long until it warmed up in the mid-afternoon.

From there the day just seems to go off on the right foot and the people in the area always same to be in the same good mood.

From where I am from in Canada I used to hate mornings. Except for a few weeks of the year it’d still be pitch black, even if you woke up at 10am and it’d be -40C/F outside. It always started you off on the wrong foot and, similarly, all the people you dealt with throughout the day, with their grey/pale skin all seemed to feel the same disdain for it.

I thought this sign I saw on the internet recently basically summed it up!


The Acapulco Pro Surf Open 2013 was held this month. The actual competition is held about 15-20 minutes south in Diamante as they get straight ocean surf there as opposed to the much calmer surf in Acapulco Bay where we are located but you can get a sense for the lifestyle here in the following videos. Some of the shots are from right outside our building in the bay.


Acapulco general director of the port authority Octavio Gonzalez has announced $US200 million is being spent on renovating the infrastructure of the main tourist areas of Acapulco, with the improvements ranging from walkways to streetlights and public transportation.

With the first phase of renovations in the area close to the port expected to be complete by the end of this year. Mr Gonzalez said that paving in particular will improve road surfaces for cruise shore excursion coaches and some downtown streets will be dedicated to pedestrians and closed for traffic, with most of the improvements taking place in areas adjacent to the cruise port.

Additionally, renovations will include new street lighting, road surfaces and trees.

This is just another of the major improvements being done to revitalize Acapulco to its days of glory of the 50s, 60s and 70s.


We are almost ready to completely renovate suite 2909S which was purchased just a month ago. We are excited to completely refurbish yet another suite in the building to modern levels with all new furnishings, flat screen TV, US/Canadian HDTV programming (from which I am very excited to watch the NHL hockey playoffs from the beach again this year), new kitchen, new bathroom and all new electrical and plumbing.

We continue to add suites to our inventory and the more we add the more rejuvenated the building we occupy will be. And the more of a community we continue to build.

And, of course, for those who rent their suites, it is more availability for daily, weekly or monthly renters who get to use some of the most modern and westernized suites in all of Acapulco for their visit.


As announced last month we now have suite 2604S (see info and photos here) available for sale. We actually have a number of people interested in it so it will likely be sold soon. We’ll then try to find other owners wishing to sell their unrenovated suites on some of the best floors of the building to offer you. 2604S is an unbelievable bargain for $69,500 USD considering it is a studio suite with full kitchen and completely renovated to exacting standards all for that price. It’s like moving into a brand new suite. And you don’t have to do a thing, we do everything.

You don’t even have to come here to purchase as it can all be done remotely. And we even now offer financing. And can rent the suite as much as you’d like to more than pay for any ongoing expenses and make a regular annual profit.

If there is a better deal anywhere in Mexico I’d like to see it!

We also have an amazing 3 level penthouse available with a private rooftop deck with Jacuzzi for under $200,000 (Unit 3011N – see more here) and an amazing double-size suite on the sub-penthouse level with all the best furnishings for $149,500. That one is my old suite before my 2 children and 4 dog family outgrew it! (Unit 2906S – see more here)


As always you can reach manager, James Guzman at jguzman@acacondos.com or call at our US number which forwards to Mexico at (347) 408-0715.

And if you are looking to rent one of our owner-owned suites you can always email or call the above email and number or check us out at AcaCondos.com.


Until next time, stay warm!

Jeff Berwick