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AcaCondos June 2013 Newsletter

Hello again from the beautiful beaches of Acapulco. Things have been busy here at the hotel and it looks like next month will be much of the same. We are already fully booked for much of July with many interested buyers coming down to check out the rooms.

2902 in the north tower has just been renovated and added to our inventory. As you can see from the pictures it was done with tile which I think gives a clean look. THis is another option for those looking to buy a studio unit. You can customize the way you would like as long as it is within budget. 

Workers have been working diligently on painting both buildings a beautiful eggshell white as well as filing in and fixing any blemishes on the outside of the building.     Once finished they will be moving on to update the front entrance of the building as well as the elevators. 
Acapulco MotoFest 2013 was here this past month. There were over 600 buses and 5,000 motorcycles down here to race and show off. All the clubs were packed and I made a quick video one night while I was out: You can see more of the bikes at last years event which we also took a short video of (see it here). It was a great time and I would suggest that anyone who enjoys motorcycles to start making plans for next years events. 

Acapulco will be going through a lot of changes in the near future. Firstly, they have been working on expanding the main road here at the costera and putting in new bus stops for the “Acabus” which will replace the old buses with new up to date ones, you can see pictures here. We will surely miss the character of the party buses that now littler the streets but this will drastically help to decongest the traffic backups and make it easier for locals to get to and from work in the tourist areas. This whole project is projected to be finished by the end of the year. Once finished they will be moving on to building a tunnel directly form the costera to the airport. Although the trip is only about half an hour at this time during very busy weekends it does get backed up from people coming in to town. Here is a video on the proposed project.
This December 6 and 7 there will be a huge concert called “Acapulco Peace Festival” with an expected 100,000 attendees. Artists scheduled to preform include Rihanna, David Guetta, Bruno Mars, Pittbull, Cafe Tacuba and many others. This weekend will surely be sold out here in Acapulco so if you would like to attend make sure to book your dates right away
We have recently been notified that there will not be any patios allowed on the roof of the buildings. This means that 3011N is the last one available ever with one of there wonderful roof top patios like the one in 3009N. There are several people interested in the property but no one has pulled the trigger as of yet. If you would like to have a one of a kind 360 view of one of the most beautiful bays in the world ACT FAST!

Until next time!

Jeff Berwick