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AcaCondos September 2013 Newsletter

Hello from slowly drying out Acapulco,

Most of you have probably heard (but many probably have not as the Colorado floods dominated the media in the US) that Acapulco and the large surrounding area, state and most of Southern Mexico, was inundated by rain for most of the entire last week from Tropical Storm Manuel (and Ingrid on the East coast).

Here’s the good news. The main parts of Acapulco (the tourist and wealthier areas around the bay) were almost completely unaffected. I wrote about this here (“How I Survived the Acapulco Flood in Complete Comfort”).

It was almost a non-event other than being a very wet few days in this entire area. Every bar, restaurant and hotel, including ours, Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites (where we rent out the condos for AcaCondos owners) remained open and almost unaware of the real emergency issues in surrounding areas.

In the poorer areas, on the outskirts of Acapulco (on the other side of the mountains and quite the distance from here) and in the entire state of Guerrero, most significantly a town called Chilpancingo, about 100 kilometers from here, it was quite devastating.

The reason? Those areas are much poorer. Many people live in shacks on the side of hills and many homes, and lives, were destroyed. I found out about the situation a few hours outside of Acapulco and myself and my entire group of friends and family went out to help. I recounted my experiences here.

And, after seeing many of these outlying areas and the terrible conditions there I also started a donation site and we will take any donations and continue to deliver food, clothing and medical supplies to outside regions. You can find that site here: http://www.gofundme.com/AcapulcoRecoveryFund.

This storm was highly irregular (but not totally unusual in terms of decades) and, as said, it did not really affect the main Acapulco Bay area as it is very built up with proper housing and infrastructure. The biggest issue is that it will likely dissuade tourists from visiting for the next few weeks. On that note, it is also a bit of a white-lining as the period from mid-September until early November is, by far, the quietest period for tourism for Acapulco.

So, from a tourism and economy standpoint, it could have been a much worse time. For those, some of whom I’ve met and seen, outside of this area, it has been devastating and our hearts and thoughts (and charity, as said above) goes out to them.


The very popular show, Gossip Girl, recently launched in Mexico, called “Gossip Girl Acapulco”.

You can see portions of it here (and many of the scenes are shot very close to Acacondos/LTGPS):

As well, Singer Luis Miguel has been officially named the face of tourism for the Mexican city of Acapulco in the state of Guerrero. The state's governor made the announcement in late Auguest. Miguel will be featured in ads promoting the city in the hopes of getting international tourists to frequent the city. Singer Luis Miguel has been officially named the face of tourism for the Mexican city of Acapulco in the state of Guerrero. The state's governor made the announcement earlier this week. Miguel will be featured in ads promoting the city in the hopes of getting international tourists to frequent the city.

Some more great cinema-quality scenes from the Acapulco area can be seen here:


Acapulco city authorities have been working hard to complete a new public rapid transit system called ACAbús in time for the next influx of sun-seeking winter tourists. The system represents an investment of around $140 million, roughly two-thirds for highway and transit stop refurbishment and one-third for operating equipment (vehicles and travel card machines).

ACAbús will connect the resort’s many tourism attractions and facilities. The main central axis is a 16-km (10 mile) long route from Las Cruces along Avenida Cuauhtémoc to Caleta, with 18 stops along the way. This portion will be confined solely to rapid transit articulated buses. Five trunk routes will supplement this central axis, each with a limited number of stops. The one of interest to most tourists will be that along the main Costera Miguel Alemán highway. When the system is complete, the number of bus routes in Acapulco will be reduced from about 220 to 120, but travel times will actually be greatly improved. Authorities estimate that the system should cut regular traffic by about 25%, and claim that everyone will benefit as it will lead to older vehicles being removed from the roads and a decrease in total emissions.


At a later stage, the ACAbús system will be complemented by a maritime equivalent Maribús. This water taxi system will operate over about 3 kilometers of coast and have six access wharves: Acapulco Diamante, Puerto Marqués, Icacos, The Maritime Terminal (Terminal Marítima), Playa Manzanillo and Caleta. It would cut some transfer times in half. For example, it is estimated that the Golden Zone-Zona Diamante trip would take about 16 minutes.


A bike-sharing system, Acabici, is also planned. This would initially have 450 bikes distributed between 30 “stations”.

The Scenic Alternative

Drivers of private vehicles in Acapulco will benefit from construction of an alternative route to the slow and congested Scenic Highway (Carretera Escénica) that links the resort’s airport to its Zona Dorada (Golden Zone) hotels and main beach, Playa Icacos, via the rapidly growing upscale Acapulco Diamante district. Acapulco Diamante is the newest of Acapulco’s three major tourist zones, known for its exclusive homes, stores, hotels and resorts. ,

The 270-million-dollar project, just begun by Mexican firm ICA, and dubbed Avenida Escénica (Scenic Alternative), is a 5 mile (8 km) toll highway that includes a tunnel 2 miles (3.3 km) long. It will slash travel time to a few minutes, instead of the hour or more sometimes required at present when traffic is heavy. This is the state of Guerrero’s largest infrastructure project for several decades. It will cost around $270 million, involve 1,000 workers and will take two years to complete. When the new link is opened, the tunnel will be the longest highway tunnel anywhere in Mexico.


Hotel booking for this fall and winter have been unhindered by the recent floods (which are all but passed now). If you’d like to reserve your place on the beach for the coming months you should look to do so now before we are all booked up at Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites.

As well, numerous studio suites have sold at AcaCondos in the last few months. We still have a number available, however, as the total amount of suites in the two 30-storey towers is over 500… so there is usually always availability for sales.

You can see our full listings at the moment here and below:

We don’t currently have any studio suites immediately available after selling our inventory in the last few months but we are working to find some new ones, all for under $70,000. Call us at (347) 408 0715 or email James Guzman at jguzman@acacondos.com for more info.

Until next time, from a hopefully much drier (and assuredly so) Acapulco,

Jeff Berwick

Proprietor (AcaCondos and Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites)