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AcaCondos December 2014 Newsletter

Hello from Acapulco Bay,

Wow time flies!  It has been an incredibly busy year here as we’ve had numerous new sales and have been busy renovating all the new units… We’ve been so busy that I didn’t even realize it has been more than six months since our last update!

And now, of course, is our busiest time of the year and our units are full to the brim with owners and renters who are celebrating Christmas and New Year’s.  

For this reason we wanted to make sure we got out a dispatch before the end of 2014 to wish you all the best from beautiful Acapulco!

There is a lot of updates on the goings-on in the area so let’s go through them all.


A few people forwarded this article from Esquire magazine earlier in the year entitled, “Why It’s Time to Give Acapulco Another Chance”.

The article talks about how Acapulco has had a lot of bad press over the last few years… and while this is true the fact of the matter is that in any/all of the tourist areas (where we are located) it has been just as beautiful and wonderful as ever.

Even the most recent “travel warning” due to “protests” from the US government was completely unnecessary as there has not been any sort of protests except for a few hour protest a few months ago which hardly anyone noticed.

From what we see of all the protests in many US cities lately the “travel warnings” should be facing the other direction.  There is not much going on here but sun and fun.


A new Pew Research Center poll was released asking people around the world to measure their “happiness” on a scale of 1-10.

Unsurprisingly to us, Mexicans were the happiest in the world by quite a margin.

pew research-1.png

Anyone who has been to Acapulco knows this to be the case.  A generally happy and joyful people reside here.

Across Mexico the economy is also booming with countless trade deals being done, the privatization of the oil industry and countless manufacturers moving here.


I am a fairly well known writer and speaker in the libertarian world and countless new people have been moving to Acapulco due to my writings.

I’ll even be throwing a libertarian event right on the beach in Acapulco called Anarchapulco from February 27th to March 1st.  Hundreds of people are coming from around the world to be a part.

One of the people who have moved here is Angel Clark, a famous radio show host in the US who now does her radio show via the internet direct from one of our condos in Acapulco.


You can listen to her most recent show here which talks about how wonderful Acapulco is and how much she loves it.


Just a few days ago Acapulco Bay was home to the Acapulco Air Show with numerous jets and stunt planes doing daring formations literally a few hundred feet from the windows of AcaCondos.

Here is a taste of it:

And in just a few days will be the insane, amazing New Year’s Eve Fireworks show which is one of the world’s best.


As stated above, we have never been so busy with sales and so if you are interested in any units just make sure to give Ulises Martinez a call (from the US: 1-347-408-0715) or email at ulises@acacondos.com to see what we have available.

We also have other units and houses available now throughout Acapulco so feel free to call or email to see if we have something for you.


And, of course, Happy New Year to everyone from us here at AcaCondos.

We’ll hope to see you down here in 2015!


Jeff Berwick