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AcaCondos are unique in that they are situated inside one of Acapulco's most popular resort hotels and, as such, it is very easy to rent out your condo on a nightly, weekly or monthly basis whenever you do not wish to use it.  The suites are rented out via the boutique hotel brand Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites (LTGPS) which exclusively markets all AcaCondos units for those who wish to have their units rented when not in use.

AcaCondos offers a full turn-key solution for rentals - all you have to do is tell us what period of time you will not be in the suite and wish to rent it and we do the rest.  And because all AcaCondos are sold with similar luxury furniture, finishings and design, AcaCondos command premium rates.

All AcaCondo suites come with a locking closet which can be used to securely store any personal items when the unit is being rented.

AcaCondos cannot make any guarantees on ROI's as many variables including economic conditions will affect the rates you can receive when placing your condo into the rental pool however we attempt to give you a rough estimate below on potential revenues and expenses.

*costs included maintenance fee and condo reserve fund ($178), Hispeed Wifi Internet ($30) and Satellite TV ($50)
**all figures are monthly and ROI is based on an average condo cost of $60,000 USD
***figures are estimates only and can vary

Condo owners have password protected access to a back-end with full statistics including how often the suite is rented, on what days, for what amount and current balance.  All expenses are debited from the same account, including maintenance fees and other expenses which are paid on your behalf by AcaCondos so you don't have to do a thing.

Contact us for more information on expected Return on Investment and other information.